On top of the world – thanks to urolithin A

Mount Everest summiteer Jatin Chaudhary says improving the quality of his mitochondria with urolithin A was the X-factor he needed to climb the world’s highest mountain.

Jatin Chaudhary summited Mount Everest in the morning hours of 12th May 2022; he was the first person from the remote district of Kutch in India to have scaled the mountain. The 43-year-old software development manager was aware that at his age, time was against him, so he researched how he could optimise his body’s ability to perform in the extreme conditions he would find in the Himalayas, including the hypoxic environment.

Longevity.Technology: As part of his preparation for the monumental climb, Chaudhary worked on improving the quality of his mitochondria with urolithin A, using a supplement called Mitopure, which, Chaudhary says was the X-factor he was looking for.

We sat down with Jatin Chaudhary to find out more about how researching mitochondria played a part in his incredible achievement and what it feels like to be on top of the world. Check out our video interview below.

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Jatin Chaudhary on…

Down the rabbit hole of mitochondria

As part of my preparation for Everest I completed a technical climb of Ama Dablam and I observed that where others were struggling, the average Sherpa performs better than a very conditioned athlete, and I wondered why. I went down the rabbit hole of reading about how and why Sherpas can perform so well at very high altitudes and it’s due to a mutation they have in their mitochondria – their mitochondria are super-efficient machines. It was evident to me that to scale Mount Everest – and come back alive to my family – I had to improve the quality of my mitochondria.

Supplementing for success

I started supplementing with Timeline as part of my daily diet, with three-and-a-half months to go. About a month in, I noticed my VO₂ max had gone up and my resting pulse had gone down – and this is monthly averages, not just random daily numbers. My VO₂ max was up to a peak of 51, the highest it has ever been.

Every breath you take

For a mountaineer, Everest is a pilgrimage. It’s hard to climb because of the sheer altitude, nearly 9 kilometres high. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I could feel Mitopure doing its thing even while I was doing the altitude accustomisation climbs. Camp 3 on Everest is roughly equivalent to Ama Dablam, and on Ama Dablam I was taking 7 to 8 breaths per step and on Everest it was 2 to 3 breaths per step – I was even able to challenge the Sherpas to a sprint!

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Photograph: Jatin Chaudhary