Our exclusive interview with Dr David Rabin of Apollo Neuro

We talk about stress management, HRV’s effect on healthspan and new services with the co-founder of Apollo Neuro.

As I write this intro my Apollo Neuro device is set to ‘Clear and Focused’ for 60 mins at a 65% intensity. My day is full of distractions and within a few days of my interview with Apollo Neuro’s Dr David Rabin I’ve become hooked!
Apollo Neuro Device
Longevity.Technology: We’ve previously performed a product review on the Apollo Neuro device and our intrepid product tester also became a fan. So how does neurotech align with longevity? This video explores some key questions.
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  • There is research showing that parasympathetic nerve therapy is most effective when placed under the skin; how has Apollo Neuro overcome this to deliver effective treatment?
  • HRV is not as well-known from a healthspan point of view; what is Apollo Neuro doing to change that?
  • Chronic stress is poorly understood; what are the health implications of this?

Dr Rabin explains that there are future software upgrades to the device being released this year and users will benefit from enhanced services without the need to upgrade their device: good plan! We’ll keep you updated.

Images courtesy of Apollo Neuro