Phil Newman to speak at Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2024

Longevity.Technology CEO set to overview the longevity investment landscape in presentation to this year’s summit in Berlin.

The Forever Healthy Foundation has announced Phil Newman as keynote speaker at the Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2024; Phil is founder and CEO of Longevity.Technology.

Longevity.Technology: The Rejuvenation Startup Summit takes place in Berlin, Germany from 10-11 May 2024; it’s a highlight of the longevity calendar and a busy, buzzy networking event that brings together startups and members of the longevity venture capital/investor ecosystem who are all aiming to create therapies that will be able to extend both lifespan and healthspan by preventing, slowing and reversing the diseases of aging by addressing their common root cause – the aging process itself.

Phil will speak about the longevity investment landscape. He will cover the mapping of longevity domains and categories, key areas attracting investment, the clinical stages of longevity biotechs and the funding stages of longevity biotechs; he will also give an outlook for longevity investing.

Phil will also join Eric Verdin (CEO Buck Institute), Brian Kennedy (Professor NUS Singapore) and Reason (CEO Repair Biotechnologies) on a panel on longevity which will be chaired by science journalist Nina Ruge.

As well as these names, Phil joins an impressive line-up, which already includes:

The RSS will showcase an exciting range of presentations from CEOs of startups in the fields of rejuvenation and longevity, an all-day startup forum for networking, panel discussions and keynote presentations. Starting midday on Friday and finishing off on Saturday night with a party for all attendees, the summit offers ample opportunity to connect with some of the most promising leaders in the field.

Phil told Longevity.Technology he is looking forward to the Rejuvenation Startup Summit.

“The previous event was great – lots of energy and opportunity, and this was when the longevity community was in the crosshairs of the investment downturn. This year, things are better, not amazing, but definitely on an upward trajectory. I’m looking forward to sharing data that’ll help everyone see that longevity is consolidating nicely into the mega trend it deserves to be.”

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