Portfolia’s latest AgeTech investment leaves Toi Labs flushed with success

Female investor group backs creator of AI-powered smart toilet seat that continually monitors users’ health.

Investment group Portfolia has revealed its latest investment from its second Active Aging & Longevity fund. The all-female investor community has backed AgeTech company Toi Labs, which develops technology designed to allow seniors to age gracefully in their homes.

Toi Labs’ flagship product, TrueLoo, is an AI-powered toilet seat designed to continually monitor users’ health using biometrics and “precision waste data.” Initially targeting senior living, Toi Labs claims True Loo has demonstrated the potential to reduce hospitalizations thanks to early detection of changes in urine. The company says its device doesn’t require any changes to user behavior and provides accurate reports on abnormal waste patterns, eliminating the need for manual observations by care staff.

Portfolia’s latest AgeTech investment leaves Toi Labs flushed with success
TrueLoo, is an AI-powered toilet seat

In a statement, Portfolia said that TrueLoo’s ability to facilitate early intervention for health issues contributes to the overarching goal of promoting longevity. Portfolia is a community consisting of over 1,700 women investors across 18 countries and has made more than 150 investments, ranging from pre-seed to pre-IPO companies. Longevity-related investments include nutri-tech company L-Nutra, women’s health company Maven Clinic, and at-home lab testing provider EverlyHealth.

Toi Labs founder and CEO Vik Kashyap, told us the company is delighted to welcome Portfolia as an investor.

“Their deep experience in longevity and perspective as women investors provide a unique advantage as we continue to build a platform for delivering healthcare in the home,” he said.

Toi Labs is also backed with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and support from bathroom brand Sloan.

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Photographs courtesy of Toi Labs