Prenuvo brings preventative health model to urgent and emergency care

Whole-body MRI company teams up with Sollis Health to shift concierge primary care towards preventative healthcare.

In an interesting development, US concierge medical provider Sollis Health has joined forces with proactive whole-body MRI imaging firm Prenuvo. Historically a provider of urgent and emergency care services, Sollis is now aiming to bring preventative healthcare practices into its approach, reflective of calls from many in longevity circles about the need for a global shift towards prevention.

With research suggesting that up to half of acute health issues are identified in the emergency room, the companies are aiming to enable early interventions by integrating care coordination, specialist triage, and proactive screening.

Through the partnership, Sollis members will have access to Prenuvo’s full body MRI scans, which enable early detection of hundreds of conditions, such as cancer and aneurysms, in under 60 minutes. Prenuvo claims that using conventional scans would take 4-5 hours to generate the same level of insight.

“This partnership is driven by a shared mission to create transformational change in the healthcare system – to give patients more agency over their health and wellbeing, and more access to the right care when they need it most,” said Andrew Lacy, CEO of Prenuvo.

Brad Olson, CEO of Sollis, said that the partnership was “filling a critical gap in the care continuum.”

“Together, we will not only improve outcomes in areas traditionally associated with poor prognosis, but also lead the industry with this more proactive and outcome-oriented healthcare model,” he added.

Backed by major investors and celebrities, Prenuvo also operates its own clinics in several major cities, with the goal of making preventative MRI scanning more accessible to the public.