Printers that can now print DNA

DNA Script obtains CE Mark for SYNTAX DNA printing platform.

DNA Script, a leader in Enzymatic DNA Synthesis (EDS), announced the CE marking of its SYNTAX System, the first EDS-powered benchtop DNA printer. With this marking, the SYNTAX System meets EU safety, health and environmental protection guidelines, and DNA Script will begin commercial sales of the SYNTAX System in European countries.

Longevity.Technology: Time to read the small print! Oligonucleotides – often called oligos – are short single strands of synthetic DNA or RNA made up of nucleic acids. Clearly DNA is important, but because they are small, oligos are the ideal starting point for many molecular and synthetic biological applications. Oligos are used in everything from genetic testing to forensic research and are also ideal in next-generation sequencing, which can deliver large amounts of genetic data in a short amount of time – vital for longevity research.

Founded in 2014, DNA Script is a life sciences tech company developing a new, faster, more powerful and versatile way to design and manufacture nucleic acids. The company has developed an alternative to traditional DNA synthesis called Enzymatic DNA Synthesis, or EDS, allowing this technology to be accessible to labs with the first benchtop enzymatic synthesis instrument, the SYNTAX System. By putting DNA synthesis back in the lab, DNA Script aims to transform life sciences research through innovative technology that gives researchers full control and autonomy.

“We can now deliver the SYNTAX System, with all the benefits of in-house DNA oligo synthesis, to European researchers,” said DNA Script co-founder and CEO Thomas Ybert. “By enabling rapid, on-site DNA production, the SYNTAX System accelerates lab workflows and helps scientists find answers faster.”

The CE marking covers the entire SYNTAX platform, which includes a benchtop DNA printer, reagents and consumables. The printer sets up in around 15 minutes and can synthesize as many as 96 DNA oligonucleotides up to 60 nucleotides in length, printing 20mers in about 6 hours for same-day results, and up to 60mers in about 13 hours, or overnight. Following synthesis, the SYNTAX System purifies, quantifies and normalises oligos for seamless integration into any research workflow. The software suite monitors system performance and reagent levels to help users manage DNA print runs, reagents and results.

“The SYNTAX System gives researchers same-day oligo synthesis capabilities, allowing them to continuously innovate without delivery bottlenecks,” said Ybert. “DNA oligos can be printed on-demand at record speed, giving labs complete control over their workflows.”