RAADfest 2023: It’s time to meet your future face-to-face

As longevity becomes hyper-personalized, this year’s conference will celebrate and explore the human connection in extending healthspan and lifespan.

RAADfest’s goal is super-longevity, and to that end, it seeks to bring together the very best in emerging and innovative technology, products and practices and showcase the research and knowledge of pioneering practitioners and visionary opinion leaders.

This year’s conference is happening on 7-10 September in Anaheim, California.

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Longevity.Technology: Super-longevity has been a focus for conference organiser James Strole for decades. Strole is director of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, a non-profit organisation for radical life extension and physical immortality which he co-founded with Bernadeane Brown in 2015 in order to promulgate the concept of longevity to a wider audience.

James Strole is the Executive Director of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, which is the producer of RAADfest

The coalition produced the first RAADfest in San Diego in 2016. While some doubted whether a festival on radical life extension could be a success, the first event attracted more than 1,000 attendees, covering the full spectrum of those interested in longevity. And RAADfest continues to go from strength-to-strength attracting some of longevity’s biggest names.

Some of this year’s highlights include:

Dr George Church – the geneticist and pioneer in personal genomics and synthetic biology will be treating the audience to a live Q&A.

Bryan Johnson – the entrepreneur and VC who is on a mission to reboot his biology will discuss his Project Blueprint and how he is endeavoring to achieve “humanity and earth scale cooperation starting within Self”.

Dr Dian Ginsberg – the owner of the Ginstitute of Functional Medicine will speak on young plasma infusions and longevity, and how they can reverse the aging clock.

Dr Joseph Purita – the CMO of Purformhealth is presenting on differences between detriments of chronic hypoxia and the health benefits of Intermittent Hypoxia Therapy.

Liz Parrish – BioViva’s Founder and CEO will speak about how gene therapy can address cell damage caused by aging.

Dr Doug Ethell – the CEO and Founder of Leucadia Therapeutics will present on reversing brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease by managing cerebrospinal fluid.

Dr Robert Lufkin – Lufkin is professor at both the UCLA and the USC School of Medicine and he will focus on mTOR suppression for longevity in his presentation, considering wat the trade-offs are from lifestyle to rapamycin.

Check out the full RAADfest agenda and speaker line-up HERE. Don’t forget, Longevity.Technology readers can bag a 10% discount on any type of RAADfest registration! Simply use the code “technology” when booking.

We’ll be chatting to some of this year’s RAADfest speakers over the next couple of months – stay tuned!