Range Bio lands $5.2m to improve personalized health with proteomics tech

Biotech startup Range Biotechnologies has secured $5.2 million in seed funding, as the company aims to transform personalized health through its innovative proteomics technologies. The seed funding will be used to further develop Range Bio’s proprietary platform, which combines synthetic biology, genomics and machine learning. This integrated approach enables the company to analyze genetic data and provide personalized insights and solutions for patients.

Proteomics, the study of proteins in the body, has the potential to help develop more effective ways to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases, but the field to date has largely focused on the discovery of protein biomarkers. Range Bio aims to go beyond discovery and move the needle on human health through “translational proteomics” – methods to measure biomarker panels at scale in real-world applications.

“We believe that untargeted biomarker discovery must be complemented by scalable targeted quantification to result in tangible impacts on human health,” said Nicolo Maganzini, CTO of Range Biotechnologies. “Unlocking translational proteomics will empower researchers across pharmaceutical companies, consumer health, and clinical labs alike with uncompromising protein quantification at scale.”

With the new funds, Range Bio plans to expand its research and development efforts, recruit top talent, and advance its technology platform. The company envisions a future where personalized healthcare is readily accessible to individuals, revolutionizing the way diseases are diagnosed and treated.

“Existing analytical tools treat molecular measurements like they are static and binary, that at any given time you are either sick or you are not. But molecules in the body are highly dynamic and change in response to our environment, our health, pharmaceuticals, and other factors,” said Brandon Wilson, CEO of Range Biotechnologies. “At Range Bio, we’re building the molecular infrastructure to elucidate the longitudinal dynamics of human health, enabling a world where healthcare can be personalized, and ultimately switching the paradigm of medicine from being reactive to proactive. With this funding, we will push the boundaries of what is possible in personalized health.”

The funding round was led by ARTIS Ventures, a prominent venture capital firm specializing in healthcare and technology investments. Other investors included Pear VC, Page One Ventures, Civilization Ventures, Pillar, Four Cities Capital, Hawktail, and others.

“Range Biotechnologies understands that the complex interactions across proteins in the human body are key to unlocking the potential of precision medicine and that accurate and scalable quantification is necessary to achieve that vision,” said Ameena El-Bibany, partner at ARTIS Ventures.

“Their approach to proteomics solves several existing bottlenecks across multiplexing, dynamic range, and throughput, all of which collectively continue to hold the entire space and the largest protein players back. Range Bio’s tech can enable new paradigms across pharmacodynamics, diagnostics, clinical trials, and health screening, marking a significant impact on healthcare by enabling a comprehensive view of an individual’s health and allowing for personalized treatment options.”

Photograph: rthanuthattaphong/Envato