Reader Poll: just what does your future look like?

Your future is getting inexorably nearer – but will that be in high-tech comfort in your own home, down the road in a state-of-the-art facility or one giant leap away, perhaps to another planet?

There is overwhelming evidence that, with the silver tsunami on our doorsteps, care demand could look radically different in the future. The social impact will also be felt across the generations and aging in place technology will have to keep pace with the changing landscape.

Longevity.Technology: New technology has the potential to change how care is provided in both the home and community – tell us what you think. Do you want to age in place? Would you be happy with an AI robot helping you cook your dinner? How do you feel about sharing your personal information online? Is off-worlding the answer to these problems?

All these questions are relevant to your future – whether you are in your 20s or your 70s, this is your future. It’s time to make your voice heard! By answering the short survey below (approximately 5 minutes), we can help future you age in place. And for a spot of instant gratification, you’ll see all the answers so far once you’ve finished!
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Image credit: Photo by RODNAE ProductionsPexels