Reduce your biological age and increase your healthspan

Rejuvant wants to help you defy the aging process and say ‘yes’ to a longer, healthier life.

Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) is used by cells during growth and in healing from injuries; studies have shown it may be effective in treating osteoporosis, preventing a decline in protein synthesis, reducing frailty and in some mammalian studies, even extending lifespan. No wonder, then, that it’s a hit on the supplements market, but the supplement shelf is a crowded place, so what makes one AKG supplement stand out from the rest?

Rejuvant aims to do this with a patent pending, added-calcium AKG supplement – time to grab a slice of the CaAKG.

Longevity.Technology sponsored content: Ponce de Leon Health markets calcium AKG (CaAKG) as Rejuvant. The company’s vision is simple: enable people to add more healthy years to their lifespan. We have seen that people are living longer as longevity science continues apace, but the first step on that journey is increasing the years people stay healthy and active – Rejuvant aims to do exactly that and to back up that aim with sound science and research.

Companies often make claims and cite research to back up those claims. Less common, however, are companies that have validated aging clocks or have the opinion of Professor Brian Kennedy, Director of the Center for Healthy Aging at the National University of Singapore, on their side.

A randomised retrospective study of 42 individuals published in Aging, shows Rejuvant, which is a timed-release CaAKG supplement that includes vitamin A for men and vitamin D for women, decreases biological age by an average of eight years after taking the dietary supplement for approximately seven months.

Professor Kennedy, one of the lead authors of the study, said: “The nearly eight-year reversal in biological age of individuals taking Rejuvant for 4 to 10 months is noteworthy. Our findings suggest that Rejuvant is an intriguing candidate to affect human aging. The results are encouraging for increasing healthspan in both men and women.”

The reversal in biological age was measured using a TruAge diagnostic aging clock which analyses DNA methylation markers to determine how old you are biologically, rather than by what it says on the calendar. It is by tracking changes in these epigenentic markers – that sit on top of your DNA and alter how your cells read and express that DNA – that the reduction in biological age was determined. The baseline biological age of the study participants was assessed using the TruAge prediction model with Sanger sequencing for DNA methylation analysis.

How does Rejuvant work?

Rejuvant tackles aging in four different ways.

  • Ammonia detox. Protein is essential for growth and repair, but eating produces the by-product ammonia. This can build up and impair the function of your brain, muscles, liver and kidneys. Rejuvant enhances the ability of antioxidants in your body to reduce this excess ammonia and support a healthier balance of the chemistry in your body’s tissues.
  • DNA protection. Your DNA is under constant attack from oxidative damage and exposure to x-rays, UV light, toxins and chemicals. In response, the body attempts to reverse changes to specific parts of your DNA through demethylation, a process that declines as we age. Rejuvant helps support the methyl patterns in your DNA, enabling genes to signal more efficiently, and a better-balanced methylation profile also fosters a healthier aging process.
  • Cellular energy. Respiration is the process by which oxygen and glucose are converted to energy; AKG is a key molecule in this process, determining the overall rate of the Krebs cycle (citric acid cycle) that is the mechanism for this conversion. An improvement in energy production can help you feel less tired and drained.
  • Age-related inflammation (inflammaging). Rejuvant has been shown to block the excretion of a range of inflammatory chemicals from senescent cells (SASP). By helping to reduce the low-grade inflammation that happens during the aging process, Rejuvant can support a healthier cellular response to inflammation.

Efficient working

Rejuvant’s proprietary calcium alpha-ketoglutarate, LifeAKG, is delivered in a sustained release matrix to prevent it from being absorbed too quickly. In addition, it claims to have a purity level of over 98%, which puts it ahead of other supplements which, due to typical manufacturing processes, struggle to get over 80% purity, with most being 78% pure.

During the company’s research, it discovered that calcium alpha-ketoglutarate is metabolised differently in males and females; playing to this strength, the researchers formulated two different sorts of Rejuvant, one for women, one for men. To increase the potency for men, vitamin A is added, and for women, vitamin D3 is included.

The next step

The numbers are exciting – a decrease in biological age by an average of eight years after taking Rejuvant for seven months – but Rejuvant is always on the lookout for more data, more research and more corroboration. Going forward, larger, randomised clinical trials will hopefully confirm and add to the findings of this recent paper – but that future looks bright.

Professor Kennedy puts it succinctly: “Rejuvant is designed to help cells maintain healthy metabolism and maintain a youthful epigenetic state. Healthy cells can repair damaged DNA, regulate hormones, produce energy, protect against disease and keeps the immune system healthy.”

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