Regeneron launches five-year $500m biotech fund

Biopharma giant commits $100m annually to Regeneron Ventures as it seeks to ‘fuel promising biotech innovation.’

Yesterday, as we revealed 2023 was another tough year for longevity investment, biotech heavyweight Regeneron quietly announced the formation of Regeneron Ventures, a new $500 million venture capital fund. As the fund’s exclusive limited partner, Regeneron has pledged $100 million annually over the next five years to invest in promising life sciences companies.

While the new fund’s investment mandate is broadly health focused, Regeneron Ventures says its interest is “skewed towards biotechnology, devices, tools, and enabling technologies.” The fund says that investment decisions will be guided by the quality of the science, people, and data, prioritizing “breakthrough innovation” despite the inherent risks and uncertainties. All of which should resonate well with founders in the longevity sector, offering a potential new source of funding for biotech startups targeting aging and age-related diseases.

Headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, Regeneron Ventures is led by former Regeneron executives Dr Jay S. Markowitz and Dr Michael Aberman. Markowitz joins from ARCH Venture Partners, where he was involved in funding early-stage biotechnology companies, including genomic medicine company Tome Biosciences.

“Understanding that the most groundbreaking, transformative approaches to preventing and treating disease may yet to be discovered, the fund will invest for the long-term, agnostic to therapeutic area, technology and stage of development,” said Markowitz.

Prior to joining Regeneron Ventures, Aberman served as CEO and co-founder of XenImmune Therapeutics, a seed-stage immuno-oncology biotech.

“Our goal is to cultivate an ecosystem where the next generation of biotech companies can thrive, drawing on the lessons learned and successes achieved at Regeneron and throughout our careers,” said Aberman. “Together, we will strive to identify and support groundbreaking advancements that push the boundaries of what’s possible in science and medicine.”

Photograph: lev radin/Envato