Rejuvenate Bio makes progress on osteoarthritis gene therapy for dogs

Gene therapy company inks strategic partnership with animal health firm to develop ‘one-dose’ injection treatment for canine osteoarthritis.

Longevity biotech company Rejuvenate Bio has revealed a strategic partnership to advance the development and commercialization of its gene therapy designed to address canine osteoarthritis. The collaboration with an unnamed “global animal health company” aims to combat the debilitating chronic disease that affects many dogs’ mobility and wellbeing.

Rejuvenate Bio’s gene therapy, developed based on research conducted in the lab of Professor George Church at the Wyss Institute at Harvard Medical School, is working on a one-dose injection solution for addressing osteoarthritis. The potentially disease-modifying therapy targets the underlying causes of the disease, and aims to provide long-term relief, ultimately improving joint health and enhancing the quality of life for affected animals.

San Diego-based Rejuvenate Bio, which specializes in developing gene therapies for chronic age-related diseases in both humans and animals, claims that osteoarthritis affects over 40% of dogs but is often undiagnosed and undertreated, leading to a decline in overall health.

“The ramifications of OA extend beyond physical discomfort, as OA is a leading cause of euthanasia in dogs,” said Dan Oliver, CEO of Rejuvenate Bio. “This partnership with a leading animal health company validates our technology and approach of utilizing gene therapy to treat chronic age-related diseases and ensures that this therapy will reach the dogs that need it.”

This latest partnership follows Rejuvenate Bio’s partnership with Phibro Animal Health to develop a gene therapy for mitral valve disease in dogs. The company secured a $10 million Series A funding round in 2021.

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Photograph: DragonImages/Envato