Rejuveron lands $75m to advance healthy aging portfolio; expands focus in Middle East

Longevity biotech opens strategic Abu Dhabi office as Mubadala Capital joins Series B investment round.

Longevity biotech company Rejuveron Life Sciences has successfully closed a dual-tranche Series B equity and convertible loan financing round, raising a total of $75 million. The funding was co-led by Catalio Capital Management and Apeiron Investment Group, the family office and private investment firm of entrepreneur Christian Angermayer. The round was also joined by new investor Mubadala Capital, a subsidiary of Mubadala Investment Company, the $280 billion sovereign investor group headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

New Abu Dhabi location

Rejuveron revealed it is establishing an office in Abu Dhabi as part of the company’s broader strategy to play a pivotal role in the transformation of the UAE into a global hub for longevity research and innovation. The company has initiated collaborations with local universities and hospitals, including NYU Abu Dhabi, to drive research related to aging in the Middle East.

“The UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States have clearly outlined strategic objectives to advancing a healthcare system that encompasses longevity and preventative medicine,” said Aksana Labokha, CEO of Rejuveron. “The MENA region has already seen several major announcements to propel longevity research and development. We believe that taking our place in this thriving ecosystem will help our development goals and invigorate healthcare delivery that is much needed to advance the cause of preventative medicine.”

‘Expand and advance’ portfolio

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Rejuveron is pioneering therapies aimed at promoting healthy aging by extending both healthspan and lifespan through medical interventions that address age-related diseases. The company says the new funding will be to “expand and advance its portfolio of innovative medicines aimed at helping people to age better and live longer.”

Rejuveron also announced it has acquired a stake in Boost Neuroscience, a brain synapse regeneration company. This company was founded by Nobel Prize winner Dr Thomas Sudhof, who also serves as a Venture Partner at Catalio. This investment aligns with Rejuveron’s long-term vision to back pioneers in the field of aging and assist them in translating scientific discoveries into transformative medicines.

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Apeiron boss Christian Angermayer is co-founder of Rejuveron.

“Our mission is to develop therapies to tackle diseases of aging to prolong healthspan and lifespan for everyone,” said Angermayer, co-founder and Chairman of Rejuveron. “We particularly like to support high-caliber science in areas that so far lack real development efforts, such as brain ageing. This is why I am especially excited to team up with Catalio and Nobel Prize winner, Dr Thomas Sudhof.”

Targeting hallmarks of aging

Founded in 2019 by Angermayer and entrepreneurial scientist Matthias Steger, Rejuveron’s approach encompasses programs specifically focused on preventing, repairing, or reversing the hallmarks of aging, spanning early-stage drug discovery to clinical development.

The company’s current portfolio includes a revolutionary small molecule approach for regenerating endogenous stem cells, currently in Phase 1/2a clinical trials for retinitis pigmentosa patients, as well as a novel drug combination therapy for sarcopenia, which is in Phase 1b human trials. The portfolio comprises multiple subsidiaries, including Endogena Therapeutics, Rejuveron Senescence Therapeutics, Rejuveron Vascular Therapeutics, Rejuveron Telomere Therapeutics, Rejuvenate BioMed, and, as of today, Boost Neuroscience.