Reservoir Neuroscience set to restore health to the aging brain

Kizoo leads $4 million funding round to develop new therapies for neurodegenerative diseases.

Reservoir Neuroscience has announced the completion of a $4 million financing round to support its development of new therapies for neurodegenerative diseases. San Francisco=-based Reservoir will use the funds to develop its novel class of drug compounds designed to restore health to the brain’s blood vessels in order to rejuvenate the aging brain.

The round was led by Kizoo Technology Capital, a leading rejuvenation biotech investor focused on startups reversing aging-related damage on a cellular and molecular level, with additional participation from previous investors R42 Fund and Healthspan Ventures.

Longevity.Technology: Emerging research has shown that a majority of the aging population develops vascular decline as early as middle age, making vascular pathology one of the first and most prevalent signs of brain disease. Co-founded by Aaron Friedman and Vlad Senatorov, PhD neuroscientists from UC Berkeley, Reservoir’s approach to neurodegeneration is focused on understanding how aging blood vessels affect brain health, and the company is aiming to develop the first drug that specifically targets vascular disease as a new way to restore brain health during natural aging and in aging-related disease.

Using an innovative organ-on-chip technology to grow human blood vessels and study vascular aging, Reservoir discovered and developed a first-in-kind compound that reverses disease in blood vessels and repairs the damaged blood-brain barrier. Reservoir’s therapeutic strategy seeks to restore health to blood vessels in order to reverse degenerative damage that spreads from the blood vessels to the brain.

“By treating the underlying vascular problems that most patients inevitably develop through aging, we are addressing the single greatest risk factor for developing neurodegenerative disease,” says Friedman, CEO of Reservoir. “We believe this approach to rejuvenating the aging brain will be effective not only as a single therapy, but also has broader potential for brain health and systemic benefits in a wide variety of aging-related diseases.”

“We believe that Reservoir’s novel approach to restoring the health of the brain’s blood vessels, while also repairing the blood-brain barrier, has the potential to address the root cause of several neurological pathologies,” says Patrick Burgermeister, partner of Kizoo Technology Capital and new board member of Reservoir Neuroscience.

Photographs courtesy of Reservoir Neuroscience