Results of exogenous GDF11 supplementation – the view of Patient Zero

Steve Perry


Results of exogenous GDF11 supplementation in over 100 human volunteers – the view of Patient Zero

Longevity.Technology: One of the most popular speaker sessions at Longevity 2020 was from Steve Perry who shared his experience as the first of 200+ patients who have experimented with GDF11.

GDF11 has recently emerged as a promising anti-aging agent. The naturally occurring molecule GDF11 is crucial for stem cell DNA repair. During aging, stem cells accumulate DNA damage, leading to stem cell senescence, the main characteristics of which is the decline in stem cell quantity and function. Exogenous GDF11 can boost the regenerative potential of the body, and thereby reverse aging and improve the symptoms of age-related conditions.

Was Dexter the dog a cancer survivor? You can find out in this short and compelling video from Steve: