Revolutionizing longevity: London hosts pioneering discussions

Leading scientists, entrepreneurs and investors converge at Founders Longevity Forum to explore the future of longevity innovation.

Dominika Wilczok is our reporter on the ground at today’s Founders Longevity Forum

The historic Olympia Exhibition Hall, originally conceived to host events of legendary grandeur worthy of the Ancient Greek Gods, is playing host to a gathering befitting its origins. The Future Longevity Forum (FLF) is today bringing together an elite group of scientists, entrepreneurs and investors, all united in their quest for a modern-day ‘nectar’: a means to prevent and cure diseases of aging, enhance vitality and extend human life.

At precisely 9am, Longevity.Technology founder and CEO Phil Newman opened the event, highlighting the importance of connectivity – not only in personal longevity but also in advancing the field itself.

(L-R) Ronjon Nag and Samina Rind discuss an antiaging vaccine

As Phil said, it’s time to move the needle – and the days is panning out to be doing just that.

“Nothing has captured people’s imagination like longevity,” remarked Lara Lewington as she introduced Dr Andrew Steele, who set the stage for a multifaceted exploration of longevity.

As participants delighted in the influx of both knowledge and caffeine, Dr Ronjon Nag and Samina Rind embarked on a deep dive into the biotechnological battle for mitochondrial health and the development of an antiaging vaccine.

The room buzzed with the scratching sounds of pens on paper and noise of rapid typing as Dr David Luu, Naveen Jain, Hannah Went and Nikolina Lauc examined the biomarkers of aging. The audience leaned forward in unison, eager to absorb every detail about the validation of these critical indicators.

L-R: David Luu, Naveen Jain, Nikolina Lauc and Hannah Went

As the initial session concluded, the scholarly atmosphere gave way to vibrant networking. Friends reconnected, new acquaintances exchanged business cards and the vibrant sparks of collaboration began to flicker.

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