Rubedo and Beiersdorf join forces on skin care products targeting cellular aging

Senescence-targeting biotech links up with beauty company behind multiple skin care brands, including NIVEA.

Hot on the heels of its recent funding news, Rubedo Life Sciences has announced a strategic partnership with German beauty giant Beiersdorf AG. The partnership aims to pioneer innovative skin care products addressing the effects of cellular aging, exploring novel compounds sourced from Rubedo’s programs targeting cellular senescence.

Senescent cells, which accumulate with age, are believed to contribute to age-related skin changes and pathologies. Rubedo has advanced programs in this area, with clinical trials in chronic atopic dermatitis and chronic psoriasis expected this year. The Californian company’s topical dermatology program includes compounds with senolytic and anti-inflammatory properties, which will form the basis of its partnership with Beiersdorf.

“By combining Rubedo’s expertise in cellular senescence with Beiersdorf’s complementary expertise in skin care innovation, this partnership may revolutionize the landscape of skin care products, offering consumers new solutions that treat cellular aging for healthy and youthful-looking skin.” said Marco Quarta, CEO of Rubedo.

With sales of €9.5 billion, Beiersdorf has been a leader in skin care products and skin research for more than 140 years, encompassing brands including NIVEA, Eucerin, and La Prairie. Under the agreement, Beiersdorf will conduct in vitro and in silico studies on Rubedo’s compounds, before moving into human trials to validate their efficacy in cosmetic skin care formulations. Rubedo stands to gain undisclosed milestone and royalty payments as part of the collaboration.

The companies also revealed that Beiersdorf is a strategic investor in Rubdedo, participating in the recent Series A financing round through its Oscar & Paul Corporate Venture Capital Fund.

“Our mission is to define the future of skincare through breakthrough innovation,” said Beiersdorf CEO Vincent Warnery. “By partnering with Rubedo and combining cutting-edge expertise from both sides, we aim to redefine the standards in anti-age skincare.”