Science breakthrough shows the way to faster muscle recovery

Urolithin A can renew mitochondria and improve your muscle strength and lifespan – a new way to improve muscle fatigue.

As we get older, tiredness seems to become a part of life. We become tired more easily, feel weaker and have less energy – leading to muscle fatigue. Our get-up-and-go seems to have got up and gone.

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But what if it didn’t have to be this way? What if we could bounce back faster, feel more invigorated and prolong our activity? As well as helping us to feel better, we could guard against the dangers of frailty and sarcopenia.

Longevity.Technology sponsored content: The secret to energy lies in our mitochondria; these tiny organelles are the body’s powerhouses, playing a vital role in taking oxygen and glucose and turning them into the energy we need for growth, repair and movement.

However, like all things, mitochondria wear out. To optimise mitochondrial function, the body engages in a continual maintenance programme called mitophagy, breaking down tired and sub-par mitochondria and reusing their molecules, but it’s fighting a losing battle, because as we age our mitochondrial dysfunction increases and the rate of mitophagy decreases. This decline in mitochondrial function is one of the hallmarks of aging, and the result is less energy for repair – which contributes to aging – and less energy for movement – which makes us feel like we’re aging.

Cells undertake mitophagy – regular mitochondrial spring cleaning – as part of normal biological processes, but triggering mitophagy can ramp up the cellular energy creation process, speeding muscle recovery, improving endurance and increasing muscle function.

Decline in mitophagy has been linked to memory loss and cognitive decline, and mitophagy also plays a role in tumour suppression and protecting against Parkinson’s disease, so ensuring the process is optimised is a no brainer.

Supercharge your mitochondria

So, what stimulates mitophagy? Urolithin A is natural food metabolite that can trigger mitophagy and prevent the accumulation of dysfunctional mitochondria with age. It is made by the body from raw materials found in fruits, especially pomegranates, and has been shown to kickstart mitophagy, increase muscle function and extend lifespan in animal models.

But before you rush to the grocery store to stock up on pomegranates, there’s a caveat – not everyone can make sufficient quantities of this antiaging molecule. In order to synthesise sufficient quantities of urolithin A, you need to be a converter, that is, to have the right gut microbiome. Fewer than 40% of us can reap the benefits, as we can’t convert enough of the ellagitannins found in colourful fruits into urolithin A.

What can those of us without this converter superpower do? It was to solve this problem that Swiss scientists at Amazentis created Mitopure, a proprietary urolithin A supplement marketed under the Timeline brand.

Available in powder and soft-gel forms, Mitopure bypasses the need to have the correct microbiome flora, and is an easy and effective way to tackle muscle fatigue and tap into the antiaging benefits of urolithin A. A daily dose of Mitopure is equivalent to drinking six glasses of pomegranate juice, and all without the worry that you can actually convert it (and without the sugar!).

Backed by science

There have been over 100 pre-clinical and clinical trials and even more research papers on urolithin A; research has demonstrated that nematodes given urolithin A have extended lifespan, increased mitophagy, improved mobility with age and increased activity [1]. Mice suffering age-related muscle decline who were treated with urolithin A demonstrated improved exercise capacity [1].

Amazentis, the company behind Mitopure, have conducted their own trials as well, which succeeded in a statistically significant way, with two measures of muscle endurance shown to be improved in the supplemented group when compared with a placebo group [2].

Boosting your urolithin A is an effective way to supercharge the mitophagy process, tackling muscle fatigue and leaving your mitochondria energised and fighting fit – and helping you feel the same!

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