SenoClock Gold: Bringing the antiaging paradigm to work

Deep Longevity’s aging clock platform is aiming to elevate employee health and wellbeing with AI-powered insights.

Last year, Deep Longevity launched SenoClock, a B2B platform that enables access to aging clocks and an antiaging recommendation engine. Having gained popularity among longevity clinics and consumer health companies, SenoClock is releasing a major update – SenoClock Gold – that will enable organizations to adopt the antiaging paradigm to improve the quality of life of their workforce. SenoClock highlights the drivers of the aging process in its end-users, and now offers a dynamic view of their progress.

Longevity.Technology: Forward-looking organizations can integrate aging clocks to boost their employees’ productivity and care for their well-being. By offering personalized health insights and actionable recommendations, employers create an environment that nurtures both health and performance.

Moreover, prioritizing the health and well-being of employees in the workplace is a prudent long-term strategy. As employees age, they accumulate valuable knowledge and experience into which organizations can tap. Promoting employee longevity aligns with broader societal trends – populations are aging, and this means a growing need for experienced and knowledgeable professionals. By actively supporting the health and well-being of their aging workforce, companies position themselves to attract and retain experienced talent, reducing the skills gap that many industries face. This strategic focus on the longevity of employees not only contributes to the success of the organization but also has a positive impact on society by promoting the continued employment and well-being of older individuals.

The newly released features of SenoClock Gold include:

  • Multiple aging clocks: SenoClock Gold is a gateway to all of Deep Longevity’s aging clocks that can analyze clinical blood testspsychological surveys and epigenetic profiles in the context of aging [1,2,3].
  • Longevity history: Employees will be able to track their progress as they continually interact with the aging clocks.
  • Admin accounts: Add new users to the platform and manage your employees’ interactions on SenoClock.
  • User accounts: Grant employees personal accounts where they will be able to increase their longevity potential by interacting with Deep Longevity’s aging clocks.
  • Activity dashboard: Monitor SenoClock activity within an organization and observe the longevity gains of the workforce.
SenoClock Gold: Bringing the antiaging paradigm to work

SenoClock Gold aims to allow organizations to scale its capabilities to benefit even large-scale workforces. The same features also improve the existing workflow for clinics and hospitals by promoting deeper involvement from patients and doctor-patient communication.

Those interested in learning more about SenoClock Gold are invited to the Launch Webinar on 28 September.


Graphics courtesy of Deep Longevity