SenoClock – unlocking a preventive, longevity-focused mode of healthcare

Deep Longevity hopes to disrupt healthspan industry with online platform for healthcare and wellness.

Today, Deep Longevity, a company will launch its new software as a service (SaaS) antiaging platform, SenoClock. The culmination of years of biogerontological research, SenoClock will host all of Deep Longevity’s patented aging clocks that may be used in clinical practice and other healthcare-adjacent industries.

Aging clocks available on the platform will allow its users to receive comprehensive and actionable pace of aging reports based on various data types, such as blood tests, psychological surveys, gut flora composition and more.

Longevity.Technology: Hospitals and clinics are mostly reactive when it comes to treatment, a practice that is partly due to infrastructure and partly due to human nature. However, as we discussed in our interview with Sir John Bell earlier this week, prevention must be the new paradigm and its one that better serves individuals, healthcare systems and populations as a whole. Deep Longevity’s new product SenoClock unlocks a preventive, longevity-focused mode of healthcare; a new SaaS platform, SenoClock offers physicians a single portal in which to track the aging rate of their patients, enabling them to generate personalised health plans.

“The aging clock as a service platform, SenoClock, will allow pretty much anyone in the community to efficiently calculate their biological age using a standardized set of deep aging clocks,” said Alex Zhavoronkov, Founder and Chief Longevity Officer of Deep Longevity. “I hope that with time, this platform will grow into a marketplace of clocks where any credible research group will be able to put their clock in a cloud to complement to the digital models developed by Deep Longevity.

“Reports generated by SenoClock will list the biomarkers that cause aging as well as recommend the solutions to help the patients achieve healthy longevity.”

Hong Kong-based startup Deep Longevity as established itself as a pioneer of AI applications on the service of antiaging, with its research team publishing their discoveries in the field of longevity technology since 2016.

The team is set to share the history of the product and future research plans in an upcoming release event later today (09:00 PST / 11:00 CST / 17:00 GMT). Deep Longevity hopes its online launch will introduce the intended users of this platform and to the possibilities it opens for decision makers from clinics and hospitals, longevity physicians, insurance companies, supplements and consumer health goods manufacturers and distributors.

Key features of the SenoClock portal include:

  • 100% SaaS – quick and secure web access.
  • A variety of aging clocks – all Deep Longevity’s clocks are available from a single application.
  • Instantaneous predictions – age predictions and reports can be obtained in seconds.
  • Highly scalable – the capacity to process up to tens of thousands of predictions within a few minutes.
  • Personalised recommendations – aging predictions accompanied by personalised health plans.

“The SenoClock portal offers a unique service to the providers of the longevity industry by granting access to multiple aging clocks from a single portal in the most inexpensive manner,” said Deepankar Nayak, the CEO of Deep Longevity. “It will allow pioneering healthcare leaders to improve patient health using our AI-driven recommendations.”