Senotherapeutics – driving lifespan and healthspan

Taking senescence seriously: our video briefing dives into the biology of aging, the different areas of senotherapeutic research and the drivers for a market that could be worth $127 billion.

Cellular senescence is one of the nine hallmarks of aging, and research points to a direct, actionable link between senescent cells and longevity. Our new market intelligence report provides a detailed analysis of the emerging biotech field focused on targeting cellular senescence.

Longevity.Technology: Today we launch our senotherapeutics briefing video. As well as explaining what senescence is, we unpick the different senotherapeutic therapies and assess their challenges and opportunities. We also analyse the market drivers (socioeconomic, economic, political), overview the regulatory environment and examine the investment potential, especially in light of the focus on geroprotection in the post-COVID world.

The aging population is increasing, and, therefore, so is concern. The so-called “Silver Tsunami” threatens to lay waste to healthcare provision, economies and associated infrastructure. Senotherapeutics could be the lifebelt we desperately need to tackle the age-driven incidence rate of chronic disease, and to support additional years of healthy life.
Age could be just how you are, not a limitation or a usefulness expiry date.

Dive into the world of senolytics, senomodulators, senoblockers and senescence-associated immunomodulators as Editor-in-Chief Phil Newman and Scientific Writer Girish Harinath explain the longevity potential of tackling senescence; Longevity.Technology estimates that the combined market value of diseases that could be addressed by senotherapeutics, including macular degeneration, chronic kidney disease, type 2 diabetes and neurodegenerative disease, amounts to more than $127 billion.

Access the report as a download or subscription HERE and check out our senotherapeutic company profiles HERE.

Image courtesy of  Roberto Nickson / Unsplash