Senotherapeutics summit set to pioneer advancements in longevity research

Scientists and stakeholders will converge at the Buck Institute to explore cellular senescence and therapeutic innovations.

The Phaedon Institute, a non-profit focused on longevity, is set to organize its first-ever event, a biennial SenoTherapeutics Summit. The summit, which will be held at the renowned Buck Institute for Aging Research in Novato, California on November 7 and 8, 2023, aims to foster collaboration and scientific advancements in the emerging field of cellular senescence and therapeutics.

By bringing together influential stakeholders from academia, industry, government agencies and investment organizations, the summit, which is titled Past, Present & Future of the Science of Cellular Senescence and the Therapeutics, aims to create a forum of discussion that will promote synergy and co-operation in the senotherapeutics space.

Longevity.Technology: Senotherapeutics is a fast-growing cutting-edge area of research within the longevity space, and one that holds significant potential for revolutionizing how we approach aging-related conditions. These therapeutics target the biology of cellular senescence, a state in which cells lose their ability to divide and function optimally, contributing to age-related diseases. By focusing on this crucial aspect of aging, researchers hope to develop novel treatments that can slow down or reverse age-related degeneration, offering new avenues for improving human health and extending lifespan.

The Buck Institute

The SenoTherapeutics Summit, organized by the Phaedon Institute, is designed to be a platform that will offer space to the key opinion leaders in the science and therapeutic development to support the growing community of those involved in this emerging field of longevity sciences. 

As well being a professional forum, the summit will also be a curated one; by adopting a Gordon-Conference Style format, the organisers aim to ensure an exclusive and highly-selective gathering of experts in the field. Limited seats are available to stakeholders, with registration based on a rigorous peer-review screening process. The summit’s primary objective is to establish a collaborative forum that advances the scientific understanding of cellular senescence and accelerates the development of therapeutics targeting this biological process.

Bringing together academia, industry, biotech and pharma companies, government and regulatory agencies, as well as investment communities, the summit seeks to foster coordination, synchronization and alignment of efforts. By uniting these key players, the summit aims to facilitate shared goals, strategic planning and optimal advancement in the field of senotherapeutics.

The program is collaborative, and will encompass discussions on basic science, preclinical research, and clinical development, encompassing the full spectrum of scientific enquiry and progress. The summit has set itself the goal of creating the best opportunities for the field to succeed and thrive as the research advances and the development progresses into the clinic.

The SenoTherapeutics Summit 2023 aims to cover eight broad level topic areas:

  • Basic biology – to discover the evolving understanding of cellular senescence and the insights gained for potential therapeutic opportunities.
  • Biomarkers – to explore the challenges and opportunities of establishing reliable biomarkers of cellular senescence for supporting clinical trials and diagnostics.
  • Pre-clinical perspectives – to learn about the developments from the past, and identify insights for potential advancements of senotherapeutics.
  • Clinical perspectives – to discover and discuss the past, present and future of clinical trials using senotherapeutics.
  • Pharma – to explore how large pharmaceutical companies are embracing the therapeutic opportunities of targeting cellular senescence.
  • Industry – to learn the perspectives from early stage biotech players spearheading the field of senotherapeutics.
  • Regulatory & market access – to discuss how the new senotherapeutics fit into existing regulatory framework for new drug and therapeutic development; Identify potential gaps and explore how the field is evolving in response.
  • Investment – to gain insights from the longevity biotech investment community about their support for the field of senotherapeutics, identify current limitations, and explore their vision for the future of the field.

A noteworthy outcome of the summit will be the publication of a white paper in a scientific journal, ensuring the dissemination of critical findings and insights discussed during the event.

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Unsurprisingly, the summit has attracted an array of esteemed speakers, including prominent key opinion leaders from academia such as Professor James Kirkland from the Mayo Clinic, Professor Paul Robbins from the University of Minnesota and Professor Vittorio Sebastiano from Stanford University. Industry leaders, including Mike Sapieha, CSO of Unity Biotechnology, and Professor John Lewis, Co-Founder and CSO of Oisin Biotechnology, will also contribute their expertise. The program will further incorporate valuable perspectives from panellists representing governmental agencies and investment organizations, fostering a holistic and well-rounded discussion.

By providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange, the summit aims to propel the senotherapeutics space forward, laying the foundation for discoveries that could reshape our understanding of aging and therapeutics that could open new frontiers in healthcare.

Phaedon co-founder and president Dr Marco Quarta

Phaedon co-founder and president Dr Marco Quarta is speaking at the summit. He told Longevity.Technology the hope is to create a cross functional forum for the stakeholders who are actively working to advance the field of cellular senescence and senotherapeutics.

“We want to support communication and collaboration between students, academics, industry leaders, clinicians, investors, journalist and regulators to facilitate progress and enable successes in the field,” he said. “The goal is to advance cellular senescence science and therapeutics to patients, faster and more effectively, as a community.”

We also reached out to Professor Marco Demaria, who is speaking at the Summit, as well as being a member of the Phaedon Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Senotherapeutics summit set to pioneer advancements in longevity research
Marco Demaria, Associate Professor of Cellular Aging at the Medical Faculty of the University of Groningen, Netherlands, is on Phaedon Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board

“The goal of the summit is to facilitate the interaction among various disciplines and to move interventions forward as quickly and as safely as possible,” he told Longevity.Technology. “We strive for an open discussion that touches successes, failures and challenges, and that helps junior scientists to know every aspect of the field of cellular senescence and senotherapeutics.”

To find out more about the Summit, or to apply for participation, CLICK HERE.