SENS Research Foundation and announce merger intention

Merger of two historic longevity nonprofits will create novel longevity entity, say founders.

SENS Research Foundation and (Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation) have unveiled plans to merge, upon completion of regulatory approvals, in a move the organizations hope will “impact the future of longevity research and outreach.”

Longevity advocate is joining with SENS Research Foundation, a forerunner in longevity-focused research and a pioneer of the damage-repair approach to combating aging. Together, these organizations bring a quarter-century of combined expertise to the table and a history of promoting recognition for longevity research as a vital and transformative industry.

Longevity.Technology: SENS Research Foundation and are two organizations passionate about longevity innovation; with complementary strengths and a shared vision, the newly formed nonprofit will continue to work towards a future where aging is no longer a barrier to a life well lived. This is an exciting time for longevity, and we wish the new entity all the very best!

“We are incredibly excited to announce this merger,” said Stephanie Dainow, Board Director and Executive Director of

Stephanie Dainow, Board Director & Executive Director,

“Both and SENS Research Foundation are respected nonprofits that were founded well before longevity biotechnology was a mainstream topic, and both were created to catalyze scientific breakthroughs. Since that time, technological innovation, dedicated advocacy, and political support have driven the significant evolution of the industry’s landscape. We will move forward into an exciting future as a united front, leveraging our strengths and resources to accelerate progress towards extending healthy human lifespan for everyone.”

A new approach

Both organizations view the merger a deliberate alignment of research and advocacy efforts that will unite them toward the immediate goal of expediting advancements in extending healthy human lifespan, instead of waiting for the distant future. With an aim of bolstering the industry at large, they plan to offer a platform for information creation and dissemination to foster global impact, and hope, that by pooling together resources, expertise and networks, the newly formed entity will be positioned to significantly influence the progress of rejuvenation biotechnologies while enhancing public awareness and involvement.

“This marks an exhilarating new chapter for SRF and the longevity industry as a whole,” said Lisa Fabiny-Kiser, CEO of SENS Research Foundation.

Lisa Fabiny-Kiser, CEO, SENS Research Foundation

“Throughout the years, we’ve collaborated closely with to promote our research, benefiting from their unparalleled expertise in distributing information to drive awareness and engagement in longevity research. By combining our scientific prowess with their outreach capabilities, we will drive the advent of new technologies and therapies for the extension of healthspan. These types of connections are what will propel our industry forward.”

Looking ahead

Upon completion of the regulatory process, the merger is slated to be finalized by the end of 2024, and will see Fabiny-Kiser take up the role of Chief Executive Officer and Dainow as Chief Business Officer; the cofounders will be joined by an equally representative Board of Directors, and they hope that by leveraging their combined strengths and a redoubled focus on impactful and translatable research, the merged organization will serve a key role for the longevity industry, accelerating the development, translation and equitable distribution of therapies to increase healthy human lifespan.