SENS Research Foundation announces new fundraising campaign

End of Year campaign will involve gamified NFT Digital-Bioart collection enabling donors to focus support.

SENS Research Foundation has announce its End of Year Campaign to raise funds to support the significant work it does with the goal of ending age-related disease.

Longevity.Technology: SRF always has an eye for the novel fundraiser; in 2021, SRF made headlines with an unprecedented cryptocurrency fundraiser initiated by Richard Heart through his Pulsechain Airdrop, with more than 2000 donors to funding research into the SENS 7 types of damage associated with aging to the tune of more than $25 million [1].

Now, as the end of 2022 heaves into view, SRF is collaborating with Solimán López, a conceptual artist specialising in digital art, science, sociology and new technologies, to enable SRF supporters to make history by purchasing the first-ever live-culture/auto-generative NFT artwork, with the aim of also making age-related disease history.

Don’t worry – we had to read that twice, too!

In a nutshell, unique NFT artworks will be generated from a live cell culture at the SENS Research Center in Mountain View, California. Supporters will then be able to purchase these works of art, with a unique NFT being produced every minute.

The art is generated using a system for real-time monitoring of the number of living cells in a petri dish by means of electrodes and an oscilloscope created by the research group of the Department of Electronic Technology at the University of Seville; the bio-information is then fed fed to the NFTs. A new NFT series based on each of the 7 SENS programs will be launched every week for 7 consecutive weeks.

Traditional ways of donating to SRF will remain as always through its usual channels (including crypto), while enabling all SRF donors to gain tokens to vote for one of the seven strand projects as part of the Web3-style gamification of the fundraising effort. NFT owners will also earn tokens to vote, and SRF plans to use the donor support to continue its research and educational programs in rejuvenation biotechnology.

The seven strand projects are:

  • ApoptoSENS – Targeted ablation for death-resistant cells
    Disease focus on Alzheimer’s
  • MitoSENS – Allotopic expression of 13 proteins to tackle mitochondrial mutations
    Disease focus on sarcopenia
  • LysoSENS – Novel lysosomal hydrolases that address intracellular aggregates
    Disease focus on atherosclerosis
  • GlycoSENS – AGE-breaking molecules and tissue engineering to tackle extracellular matrix stiffening
    Disease focus on stroke
  • RepleniSENS – Stem cells and tissue engineering that address cell loss and tissue atrophy
    Disease focus on Parkinson’s
  • OncoSENS – Removal of telomere-lengthening machinery to tackle cancerous cells
    Disease focus on cancer
  • AmyloSENS – Immunotherapeutic clearance of extracellular aggregates
    Disease focus on heart disease

Find out more about the SENS Research Foundation’s End of Year Campaign HERE