Sergey Young: breaking the barrier of maximum lifespan

Ahead of the launch of his new book Growing Young, Sergey Young joins us for a video interview to discuss longevity horizons, personal health strategies and disruptive tech – and how we are moving towards radically extending our lifespan and healthspan.

Sergey Young, the longevity investor and founder of the Longevity Vision Fund is on a mission to extend healthy lifespans of at least one billion people. His new book, Growing Young, is released on 24th August and is already rising up the Amazon charts.

“It’s been amazing three years journey,” Young told Longevity.Technology. “I spent hours and days in different labs in the best clinics in the world and best academic institutions. I even talked to Peter Jackson! I’m very excited to share with everyone, so every reader can start their longevity journey today.”

Check out our fascinating interview with Sergey Young, in which we find out more about his new book and his take on the current longevity space.

Sergey Young on…

Gene editing opportunities:

“If we can influence all 3000 longevity genes that we have already discovered in our DNA, we will have an opportunity to stop the aging process or to influence it this significantly and radically extend our lifespan.”

Longevity drugs:

“In five to 10 years time from now, we’ll have a new, special kind of drugs: longevity drugs. And unlike today’s medication, which always focused on one disease, this kind of drug will will give us an opportunity to influence aging as a whole and a very fatalistic way, working on healthspan, not only on lifespan … it’s very likely that this new drug will be developed with the help of artificial intelligence, which will compress drug development cycle by two or three times from what they are today.”

Having a responsible personal health strategy:

“We need to take back responsibility for our own health. Each of us today, especially after COVID, needs to have our personal health strategy. We delegated all our health related choices to other parties – to doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, Big Pharma, big food – but we need to have a voice there. I’m not saying we need just to decide on our own, there’s a lot of professional help that we need in this dialogue on this conversation, but it’s time to dig into this conversation and to be an essential and important part of it. It’s a great discovery journey.”

Image courtesy of Sergey Young