Shaping the future: Founders Longevity Forum sets stage for longevity

Dominika Wilczok previews Founders Longevity Forum, an event set to propel longevity through high-level discussions and innovative startup pitches.

On 11th June, London is set to transform into the hottest place for longevity entrepreneurship – how else can one describe an event featuring 7 fireside chats, 4 panel discussions, 6 startup pitches and 3 keynote presentations, all related to the most promising directions for healthspan and lifespan elongation? The Founders Longevity Forum, co-organized by Longevity.Technology and Founders Forum, kicks off its inaugural event next week at London Tech Week. A premier forum, FLF has been carefully curated and will be an environment where founders and CEOs can meet with investors and global thought leaders, planting seeds that will result in a bumper crop of longevity fruit. 

So, what ended up on the agenda? 

Andrew Steele, Aubrey de Grey and Todd White will set up the knowledge scene by delivering keynote presentations. The ultimate goal of the longevity field is for us to both live longer and healthier, but it’s a complex task that needs a multifaceted approach – none of the disciplines is enough on its own. The keynote speakers will address bioscience (AdG), the longevity economy (AS), and decentralized research (TW).  

Attendees will hear from 6 start-up CEOs and founders: Jung+ Longevity (supplements), Ani Biome (gut microbiome management), Cellcolab (stem cells production), Mogling Bio Inc (stem cell rejuvenation)  Deciduous Therapeutics (senolytics) and  Ponce Therapeutic (senolytics/morphics). It’s exciting to see these start-ups take ideas from the lab and translate them into actual therapies. This is longevity research in action, showing its potential to extend healthspan and lifespan.

The fireside chats are set to keep the longevity flame burning. Samina Rind and Ronjon Nag will give the longevity field feedback on its progress. David Luu, Nikolina Lauc and Hannah Went will cover aging biomarkers, crucial in longevity clinics, which will be discussed by Alan Tisch, Amy Killen, Joanna Bensz and Dr Jordan Schlein. Many clinics recommend tailored supplementation and it’s a hot topic, one that Federico Luna and Phil Newman will take a closer look at. Longevity Medicine wouldn’t be possible without extensive data gathering and analysis; Dr Tamsin Lewis, Michael Geer and Bhuvan Srinivasan will highlight the importance of wearables and digital health. Taking the matter from the digital space to reality, Dr Alex Zhavornokov will discuss with Lara Lewington AI drug discovery and the details behind taking the first fully AI-developed drug to phase 2 clinical trials

The second part of the day will begin with a tour around investing in longevity where the guides will be Judith Mueller, Jörg Rieker, Whitney Casey and Petr Sramek; they will explain how to maximize the knowledge, reason and resources for not only lucrative but also purpose-effective investments. However, every such company was once an early venture: how is it best to support them so that they can grow and contribute to the longevity field? Christin Glorioso, David Meinhert and Sebastian A. Brunemeier will answer this question during their panel discussion. Then the tables will be flipped, and the investors Oliver Colville, Abby Levy, Michael Greve, Nils Regge and Sergey Jakimov will share what they value most when deciding if an investment is worth pursuing.

As healthy longevity increases, our life trajectories will be modified. This includes the family models and the time to have children. Martin Varsavsky and Stasa Stankovic will cover female reproductive longevity. 

Finally, the moonshots. What if we can go beyond the (crucial) basics of a healthy lifestyle, and achieve longevity goals in less conventional ways?  John Schloendorn, Jean Hébert and Emil Kendziorra will delve into pushing the boundaries of longevity science.

This event will be the mingling of stakeholders, minds and contact cards. I’ll be on the ground, helping to report on what is sure to be an extremely successful day.

About Dominika Wilczok

With a background in using AI for early Alzheimer’s detection, advocating against ageism, and establishing an NGO centered around Healthy Longevity, for 5 years, Dominika has been working to close the healthspan-lifespan gap. Her current work encompasses longevity medicine, and AI-driven approaches to end aging, and you can watch her TEDX talk on longevity medicine, aging research and AI HERE.