Shooting for the moon means going down the rabbit hole

Scientific co-operation, research collaboration and alternative financial incentives – Moon Rabbit is a crypto-conglomerate on a longevity mission.

Moon Rabbit is on a mission to extend life. By working with biotech labs, especially those in the genomics field, that are developing cutting-edge techniques to reverse or slow aging, Moon Rabbit hopes to enable radical methods of fighting aging and ensure that any longevity-oriented project can benefit from its infrastructure and efficiently exchange data with other teams to combine their efforts in different fields.

Longevity.Technology Moon Rabbit is a vertically integrated crypto-meritocratic techno-conglomerate. Now try saying that twice as fast. In essence, by uniting all distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies into an the ultimate cross-chain protocol, or Metachain, it allows smooth transfers of any virtual data or assets. So far, so crypto, but what does this mean for longevity in actual terms? To find out more, we sat down with Forbes List awardee, serial entrepreneur and founder of Moon Rabbit Angel Versetti, and we kicked off by asking us exactly what Moon Rabbit is.

“Moon Rabbit is a Metachain – a network of multiple blockchains – that offers a scalable, intuitive and secure infrastructure to help entrepreneurs and innovators build new businesses for the new generation of the Internet, also known as Web3,” Versetti told us.

“Moon Rabbit focuses on the currently trending topics of NFTs, DeFi and Cross-Chain Composability as well as on fundamental technologies such as longevity. For the longevity entrepreneurs, Moon Rabbit offers open-source tools for crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and distributed data processing platform. We mobilise crypto and web3 tools to spur innovation, growth and monetisation of the Longevity industry, especially its radical and experimental niches that may lack access to traditional funding and support.”

On the surface of things, longevity seems a straightforward concept – live longer, live heathier. But research, trials, treatments all cost money, and so science and investment need to tread the life extension path together, and now crypto is along for the ride as well, and its decentralised, democratic philosophy makes it a natural companion, after all, shouldn’t life extension opportunities extend to everyone?

Crypto has a busy feed in the longevity world – we’ve reported on HEX founder Richard Heart crypto airdrop in support of SENS and VitaDAO’s crypto auction raising  400% of expectation for longevity research. And Moon Rabbit has been just as busy – when Elon Musk posted this cryptic crypto tweet, Moon Rabbit ($AAA) became the most traded coin on MEXC Global, just a few days after listing.

Moon Rabbit is very clear about its purpose – enable research that extends life, whether that extension is biological, digital or both. Given that Vitalik Buterin recently donated $336m to the Methuselah Foundation, does Versetti see other crypto millionaires and billionaires shifting their attention attention to longevity?

“Vitalik and many other crypto OGs and newly minted billionaires have been dreaming about life extension and supporting it financially ever since they “had made it”,” says Versetti. “At a basic level it makes sense, once you have successfully upended the financial world, you might look to bigger problems to challenge.”

Although Versetti is aware he doesn’t know what Buterin’s personal motivation is, he makes the point that seeking longer or eternal life has been an obsession of the world’s rulers since the dawn of civilisation. “If crypto is a the new generation of elites, it makes sense that they pursue any promise to live longer,” he explains. “Especially now that the humanity is once again looking at space, we once again understand how ephemeral our life-span is on the scale of the Universe.”

The desire to live longer strikes a chord with Versetti. “Plainly speaking,” he says, “I want to live forever! Assuming we find ways to keep our brain healthy, the enlightenment of someone living for centuries or millennia, could bring about things we currently cannot imagine.”

Although he feels crypto proponents are too diverse in their beliefs to be open to generalisation, what unites most of them is a strong desire to change the status quo and readiness to act upon that desire with conviction.

“Crypto has already done things some thought impossible,” says Versetti. “If death is the ultimate frontier, who’s not a better candidate to break it than the crazy dreamers from the crypto space? At the same time, I am acutely aware of the massive scientific barriers and the multitude of dead ends researchers of longevity have encountered so far. So fundamental research, radical experimentation and innovative approach will be required. This is where a combination of knowledgeable longevity researchers and optimistic crypto dreamers may align powerfully.”

Find out more about Moon Rabbit and its plans for longevity on their website.
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