Spermidine – the supplement making an impact

Dr Halland Chen on the importance of cell renewal and how spermidine supplementation can help.

Spermidine is a popular longevity supplement – and with good reason, as it has antiaging properties and can suppress inflammation and oxidation. Studies have shown the interestingly-named polyamine can increase lifespan in animal models, and research indicates that its decline with aging is linked to the onset of age-related diseases.

Longevity.Technology: All this background is useful if you are wondering if supplements are right for you and if so, which ones to take. However, having a professional perspective is always useful, and founder of Impact Health Dr Halland Chen MD is a Double Board-Certified doctor who is a Partnered Practitioner of spermidineLIFE. We caught up with Dr Chen to find out what it is like practising at the cutting edge of longevity medicine, and what are some of the most promising interventions he recommends to his patients.

Halland Chen on…

Specialising on a cellular level

I did a lot of things in the sports realm and I became very involved in regenerative medicine – which naturally leads to longevity. A large part of what I wanted to focus on was not just treating a symptom, but getting to the root cause. Longevity is more than antiaging and wellness – it’s about helping people heal. Nowadays, there is more we can do – it’s very much functional medicine; functional longevity, wellness… we’re focused on that.

From a medical training standpoint, I’m considered an interventionist, but philosophically, there’s only so much you can do from a pinpoint perspective. We do tests to see how well the body is processing things on a cellular level, so I like to say my specialty is cellular expertise.

Food, glorious food?

We’ve all heard that “food is medicine”, but the problem is, we’re not getting enough nutrition, and on a deeper level, there’s just not a lot of nutritional content in some of our foods.

From a perspective of total well-balance, supplementation becomes absolutely necessary because there are not ways to consume certain amounts of things. We find gaps through testing and we supplement them – supplementation is no different from eating a balanced meal.

Finding the right supplement

Spermidine is really interesting. From a scientific perspective, it stimulates autophagy in the body – cell renewal. People trigger it through fasting, but that doesn’t work for everyone, but now you can take a pill that stimulates autophagy in the body – and that’s great! Highly antioxidant in nature, better digestion and gut health, increase your immune health system, strengthen your energy levels, improve mental clarity and focus… Some studies have even shown increased hair and nail growth! It’s profound – spermidine works on a cellular level, affecting all these things.

I take spermidineLIFE regularly, and a lot of my clients are on it too; I like this product because it’s very high quality, has good bioavailability, and is all-natural. The company has a proprietary process using a non-GMO wheat extract, so it’s not synthetically-made. Looking at supplements you have to consider the research team behind them, production, quality, dose… SpermidineLIFE is clinical grade, so six times stronger than over-the-counter stuff. For a seven or thirty day full cellular reset, that’s what you need – purity, quality and concentration of dose.