Switzerland: Hub of a new ‘Longevity Valley’?

Aging Analytics Agency special case study reveals how Switzerland could become the new European longevity hotspot.

According to our friends the Aging Analytics Agency, Switzerland may be the next leader in Longevity and an important part of creating a fourth industrial revolution. A revolution in human Longevity will transform the growing aging population from a possible ‘silver tsunami’ threat into an opportunity.

Their latest report focuses on the Longevity landscape in Switzerland and its trajectory. While the word Longevity is often associated with the likes of ‘Silicon Valley’, according to the Aging Analytics Agency this may soon change. The Longevity Swiss Foundation, a Geneva-based non-profit and think-tank is aiming to turn the nation into a world-leading Longevity hub, calling it a new a ‘Longevity Valley’.

“Switzerland has a long-standing reputation as a hub for both international policy and the financial industry. The nation has extremely strong potentials to leverage these existing assets in order to become the leading European hotspot for the rising Longevity financial industry.” said Dmitry Kaminskiy, co-founder of the Longevity Swiss Foundation and general partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures.

Why specifically Switzerland? As Switzerland has a high life expectancy of 81 years for men and 85 years for women, it is seen as a Longevity-progressive country that is 12 years above the global average. With the Swiss population one of the oldest on the planet, turning to Longevity solutions is seemingly the next stage for the country.

“The Swiss banking sector also shows a healthy interest in Longevity from an investment perspective.” commented Sergey Young, Longevity investor and founder of the Longevity Vision Fund.

Aging Analytics Agency predicts the future role of Switzerland is small but important in the Longevity industry and could become the originating point for the future of Longevity finance industry. They surmise that Switzerland’s strengths lie in the country’s lean political system, strong research and digital health business, as well as the country’s international financial prowess. Some weaknesses were identified as the absence of any specific Longevity business community and any industrial strategy for Longevity.

Recommended courses of action for Switzerland were three-fold. To develop a Longevity progressive pension system, an insurance company eco-system that accounts for population aging and the potential for widespread healthspan extension. And lastly, to develop a national strategy for intensively developing its Geroscience, precision medicine and FinTech.

The Aging Analytics Agency report brings forth the analysis of the key developments in the Swiss Longevity sphere, including scientific and technological trends and governmental policies, making it a key read for the Longevity focussed.

Although, according to the recent report Switzerland still has some way to go before it dominates the Longevity market. The prediction of its growing involvement and the creation of a new hub proves that not only is Longevity spreading as a growing problem turned opportunity, but also as new cornerstone for the Swiss market.

Dmitry Kaminskiy image courtesy of Deep Knowledge Ventures