Symposium on senescence in ageing and longevity

Society for Free Radical Research: congress preview – Longevity.Technology is delighted to be a sponsor of this important event.

The Society for Free Radical Research was founded in the UK in 1982 and is a charitable voluntary, non-profit making institution with the objective of advancing education in free radical processes with particular reference to those of industrial and medical importance.

Longevity.Technology: Featuring a variety of lectures and live discussions (all virtual, for obvious reasons), the SFFR International congress will provide valuable updates by outstanding scientists with long-lasting expertise in the fields of redox biology and medicine, as well as promoting new insights into these exciting and developing areas.

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Symposium on Senescence in Ageing and Longevity
4pm CET, 17 March 2021, Channel 2
Chaired by Richard Siow of KCL and Brian Kennedy of University of Singapore

Happening 15-18 March 2021, the 20th Biennial Meeting of SFRR International is jam-packed with fascinating speakers and killer lectures, far too many to list exhaustively, so here are a few of our top picks.

Brian Kennedy
Brian Kennedy, Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Physiology, NUS
Richard Siow: Director of Ageing Research, KCL
Richard Siow: Director of Ageing Research, KCL

A cracking set of lectures covering sirtuins and mTOR in aging pathways – the role of cell senescence, repurposing approved drugs as geroprotectors, mitochondrial metabolism in T cell activation and aging and exercise and vascular ageing: endothelial redox regulation by Sirt1.

Symposium on Nutrition and redox signaling
4pm CET, 16 March 2021, Channel 2
Chaired by Cesar Fraga, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and José Viña, University of Valencia

Professor Viña will be speaking on how exercise can be viewed as an antioxidant supplement to promote healthy aging and delay frailty. The idea that exercise should be treated as a supplement is headline-making stuff – not to be missed!

The Trevor Slater Award Lecture
11.30am CET, ‍15 March 2021, Channels 1 & 2
Chaired by Daniela Caporossi, University of Rome and José Viña, University of Valencia
Given by Malcolm Jackson
This lecture will detail a redox-centred view of skeletal muscle responses to exercise and aging; given the research focus both on frailty and the importance of exercise in the promotion of longevity, this looks set to be extremely interesting.

Symposium on Precision Redox and Mitochondrial Quality in Aging
4pm CET, ‍15 March 2021, Channel 2
Chaired by Chang Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences
The role of mitochondria in aging is another hot topic, and this symposium will focus in on redox-stress response capacity decline and ER reductive stress in aging, look at new insights from imaging mitochondrial H2O2, discuss mitochondrial transport and energy homeostasis in neuronal degeneration and regeneration, and explain how age and sex determine the effectiveness of redox adaptive homeostasis.

Symposium on Regulation of Redox Signaling by Nrf2 in Health and Disease
9am CET, 17 March 2021, Channel 2
Chaired by Young-Joon Surh, Seoul National University
Make time to catch Albena Dinkova-Kostova of the University of Dundee’s lecture on targeting Keap1/Nrf2 as a strategy to break the vicious cycle of oxidative stress – inflammation – cell death; inflammaging and autophagy are key areas of longevity research and both affected by and contribute to aging pathways.

We also have interviews with Barry Halliwell and José Viña, who will be showcasing some research highlights ahead of the congress.
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Image credit: SFRR, Brian Kennedy and Richard Siow