Juvenescence invest in Chrysea’s mystery ingredient for cellular regeneration

Synthesising nature: Juvenescence joins venture round investment in Chrysea Labs, a synthetic biology company developing nutritional interventions that maintain antiaging mechanisms.

Juvenescence, through its JuvLife Division, has joined the 200M Fund portfolio, managed by Banco Português de Fomento, in the venture round investment in Chrysea Labs, a synthetic biology company developing high-value and difficult to source natural products, using proprietary synthetic biology platforms.

Banco Português de Fomento invested 3.7 million euros in Chrysea, through the 200M Co-investment Fund.

Longevity.Technology: Juvenescence and Chrysea will collaborate to develop and commercialise one of Chrysea’s products. The lead project is a naturally occurring small molecule which has substantial pre-clinical evidence of benefits in maintaining cardiovascular, cognitive and immune function in aging individuals.

Understandably, the parties involved are not divulging much about this ‘mystery ingredient’, other than it promotes autophagy, the body’s spring cleaning process, in which it cleans out dysfunctional and damaged cells, recycles their amino acids and regenerates through the creation of newer, healthier cells. This is exciting news in itself, and we look forward to finding out more details in due course.

“The molecules developed by Chrysea are naturally occurring metabolites that induce autophagy in our bodies, helping clear out cellular debris and stimulate cellular regeneration essential for healthy ageing,” said Colin Watts, CEO of JuvLife, which is focused on developing natural and nutritional products to support healthy ageing in individuals [1].

“To date, this molecule has not been available in a pure form and in sufficient quantity nor quality to develop and market a highly pure and reliable product, produced and developed in a consistent and reproducible way,” said Pedro de Noronha Pissarra, CEO of Chrysea Labs. “Chrysea’s breakthrough processes have created this exciting opportunity [1].”

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Beatriz Freitas, CEO of Banco Português de Fomento, the managing entity of the 200M Fund, added: “It is with great enthusiasm that the 200M Fund supports Chrysea’s project of developing precision nutritional products supported by rigorous clinical research, aimed at supporting successful ageing and a healthy lifespan.

“Chrysea and its team of seasoned experts in life-sciences, from synthetic biology to nutrition, metabolism, and clinical research activities, represent the talent and expertise that exists in the Portuguese scientific community and that contributes to innovating and energizing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. With this investment, BPF makes another important contribution to supporting and strengthening the competitiveness of Portuguese start-ups [1].”

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