Tally Health launches pro-longevity sleep supplement

New supplement Restore aims to help people fall asleep faster, improve sleep quality and target aging.

Consumer longevity company Tally Health today announces the launch of a sleep and longevity supplement – Restore. Aiming to promote restful sleep and longevity, Restore has been created from a scientifically-proven blend of molecules shown to optimize sleep and slow aging, but which has been also been reported to prolong life in model organisms.

Restore is now available to consumers in addition to the Tally’s existing pro-longevity foundational supplement, Vitality, and metabolism and energy supplement, Amplify.

Longevity.Technology: Sleep plays a crucial role in promoting longevity through various physiological mechanisms. During sleep, the body undergoes essential processes such as tissue repair, hormone regulation and immune system strengthening, and adequate sleep duration and quality are associated with lower levels of inflammation and stress hormones, which are linked to chronic diseases like cardiovascular conditions, diabetes and certain cancers. In addition, sleep supports cognitive function and emotional well-being, contributing to overall health and resilience, and as well as being a key driver of longevity, quality sleep significantly associates with healthspan [1]. Who doesn’t feel better after a decent night’s sleep? We got into bed (figuratively) with Tally Health CEO Melanie Goldey to find out more.

“Poor sleep is a health crisis which is decreasing our lifespans. 28% of US adults sleep less than 7 hours per night [2], with 14.5% of adults saying they have trouble falling asleep each night [3], yet most are still reliant on prescription sleep aids or products like melatonin with limited efficacy and even potential safety concerns,” said Tally Health CEO Melanie Goldey. “Restore leverages the latest science-backed compounds to create a supplement which is not only a stand-out in the sleep category but also provides powerful improvements to longevity, as demonstrated by peer-reviewed research.”

Costing $79 per month, Restore’s melatonin-free formula has been designed to help users fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply, and wake up feeling rejuvenated. The dosage is three capsules taken approximately 30-60 minutes before bed, as needed.

Restore’s ingredients include:

  • Magnesium bisglycinate chelate complex – magnesium promotes natural melatonin production and, in the form of magnesium bisglycinate, can cross the blood-brain-barrier. It has been shown to reduce sleep onset latency time [4], meaning it can help people fall asleep more quickly. Magnesium intake has also been linked to a more youthful movement profile in older adults [5] and reported to reduce mild to moderate stress [6].
  • L-theanine – L-theanine supports restorative sleep, augments sleep efficiency and satisfaction and promotes relaxation. This molecule has been clinically demonstrated to improve sleep quality [7] and improve cognition [8].
  • Apigenin – apigenin, in the form of chamomile extract, supports many aspects of mood. Clinical studies show that it helps promote a calm, happy mind and, in mice, targets aging by indirectly elevating NAD+ levels, a molecule that is critical for healthy aging [9]. Results from multiple placebo-controlled clinical trials suggest that chamomile extract, which contains apigenin as an active ingredient, can alleviate anxiety [10].

While melatonin has a close association with sleep supplements, Tally has not included it in Restore. Goldey explains that this is because the company felt its long-term safety and efficacy are under-studied, and that more research is needed to better assess melatonin’s impact. In addition, she says, the dosage and label claims on many melatonin products have also recently come into question, with some doses being more than 300% of what is listed on the label, and some products containing undisclosed add-ons such as serotonin which can be detrimental to those being treated for mood disorders.

“Unintended high doses or undisclosed ingredients can pose adverse health effects for all users,” she says. “For Restore, we chose to include magnesium bisglycinate, which prompts the body’s natural melatonin production to induce rest and relaxation and also includes glycine which has been shown in research to help support aging.”

Consumer confidence is important to Tally Health, and Goldey points out that its supplements are science-backed, formulated based on placebo-controlled human clinical trials confirming safe dosage and supported by peer-reviewed data showing that selected ingredients improve healthspan and/or lifespan in animal models.

“Guided by our expert, in-house team of PhD research scientists, we are transparent in our safety and efficacy processes so consumers can have full confidence in our products,” she says.

The Restore formulation is created from ingredients that pull a double duty, bringing dual sleep and longevity benefits. Apigenin, which is growing in popularity, has neuroprotective qualities as well, as Goldey explains.

Melanie Goldey is the CEO of Tally Health

“Apigenin, an active ingredient of chamomile extract, particularly has amazing neuroprotective qualities which led our team to select this powerful molecule in Restore’s formulation. Suggestive of apigenin’s benefits, chamomile extract has been reported to reduce anxiety symptoms in human clinical trials [10], boost stress resistance and prolong life in worms [11], and extend lifespan and increase glutathione levels in a fly model of Parkinson’s disease [12].”

In fact, Tally Health researchers conducted independent research of the literature on apigenin, finding positive connections between apigenin, sleep, and longevity [13].

So, what if you’re already getting your eight hours a night? Goldey says that Restore can still be of benefit, because the quality of your sleep matters more than how long or when you sleep.

“Many people can stand to benefit from sleeping more deeply, falling asleep more quickly, and staying asleep longer,” she explains. “We carefully formulated Restore so that it was more than just your average sleep supplement. It is differentiated in a saturated market for its strict science-backing uniquely paired with expected longevity benefits. People can now improve their healthspan and lifespan while they rest with the help of Restore.”

So far, 2024 has been a busy year for Tally Health; March saw the launch of its next-generation buccal-tissue-based epigenetic age clock, CheekAge, which the company is using to validate the proprietary innovative clock used for its TallyAge Test [14]. Looking to the future, Goldey says Tally Health has a “robust” R&D pipeline and continues to expand its research efforts to support in-house product development.

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