The Faloon regimen: we connect with a RAADfest icon

Bill Faloon is pushing Longevity forward to “enable biological senescence to go in reverse”.

Totally RAADfest: Ahead of this week’s Revolution Against Aging and Death conference we caught up with Bill Faloon, co-founder of the Age Reversal Network and Life Extension group, and took the chance to explore his approach to Longevity and “what is happening in these fascinating times”.

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Longevity.Technology: What does your current life extension regimen look like? Have you added anything new to that protocol in the last 12 months?

Bill Faloon: In response to COVID, I added 600 mg a day of lactoferrin to boost natural killer cell activity and enhance IgA protection against viral penetration through surface mucous membranes. The observational data on vitamin D is compelling so far. Those with 25-hydroxyvitamin D blood levels over 34 ng/mL appear to garner significant risk reductions in COVID incidence, severity and mortality. I look forward to randomized controlled trials to corroborate this, but even ICU doctors nowadays are testing COVID patients 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels and prescribing it to those who are deficient.

Longevity.Technology: You have spoken before of the urgency needed for aging research; how can events like RAADfest help speed the pace globally?
Bill Faloon: RAADfest unites scientists, physicians and interested laypersons into cohesive cooperative groups to exchange data, concepts and clinical trial results. It inspires attendees to accelerate regenerative medicine research to save the lives of the group and eventually all of humanity.

Longevity.Technology: The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed aging research in some respects (TAME trial delays) but accelerated it in others (focus on aging and mitigating age-related diseases). What do you think the outcome for Longevity progress will be?

Bill Faloon: COVID has torpedoed clinical trials research worldwide, but announcements I will make at this year’s RAADfest reveals workarounds dedicated immortalists have initiated to move age-reversal research ahead faster than ever.

Longevity.Technology: What are some of your must-see things at RAADfest?
Bill Faloon: I can’t answer what others will present right now, but there are several announcements I will make during my Saturday (Oct 3rd 2020) presentation that will reveal an unprecedented game plan to conduct age-reversal research with real-time diagnostics testing that will enable rapid modifications of the interventions so a trial that may have taken a year(s) in the past can be done in a few months.

Longevity.Technology: If you could change one thing about the world to impact on Longevity, what would that be?
Bill Faloon: To slash military spending and devote about 20% of the savings to biomedical research. That would enable rapid extensions of healthy human lifespans and faster cure rates for degenerative illnesses.

Longevity.Technology: Slowing aging, stopping aging, reversing aging – are they all achievable and is research targeted effectively?
Bill Faloon: We’ve known how to slow aging since at least the 1970s (1930s to be exact), but age reversal did not turn real until around 2015 when parabiosis studies resumed and corroborated that young plasma fractions induce systemic age reversal in old rodents.

Longevity.Technology: Now RAADfest is wholly online (for obvious reasons), do you feel that being able to reach a wider audience will benefit Longevity research?
Bill Faloon: Yes, many more people will view RAADfest online and hopefully garner more support for rejuvenation research. I’ve spent many $millions using proceeds from sales of Life Extension supplements, and the Human Age Reversal Project charity has taken in more donations than originally requested, but more donors enable more research, so I hope more who can afford to will step forward and contribute to several charities that are engaged in human age reversal clinical trials right now.

Longevity.Technology: Longevity is a philosophy and a practical goal for you. How important is sharing that philosophy to you? Is an “advocate for Longevity” a good description of your work?
Bill Faloon: I know I can’t do this alone. It is critical we unite motivated individuals to contribute their scientific talents and charitable financial resources. From a philosophical standpoint, this will be the most impactful event in human history – bigger than the iPhone as I’ve stated many times.

Longevity.Technology: Are there any areas of aging research that aren’t as funded as they should be? What needs to happen next?
Bill Faloon: There are hundreds of human studies that need to be done over next 3-5 years to validate combinations of age reversal interventions to enable everyone to live to around year 2030, when gene therapies will likely cure most aspects of degenerative aging and enable biological senescence to go in reverse.

RAADfest is Friday 2 October to Sunday 4 October and entirely online. Find out more here.