The lifespan revolution is upon us – get involved and get ahead

Be involved and invested in the greatest investment opportunity of all time – longevity.

November heralds mists, mellow fruitfulness… and longevity. Yup, Longevity Week is back and with it the highlight that is Master Investor’s one-day masterclass Investing in the Age of Longevity which takes place on Thursday 17 November in London.

Longevity.Technology: We are on the cusp of something incredible; life expectancy is increasing and so, too, is healthspan, the period spent in good health, rather than just being alive. This brings a raft of opportunities and the rapidly accelerating longevity industry has an enormous part to play in how we live, how we age and how (and when) we die. Never has investing in the future been so apposite.

As Jim Mellon told our readers recently: “Investors should also recognise, especially if you’re in your 30s or 40s, that investing in longevity might not just be the magic bullet for your finances, but also the magic bullet for humankind. In fact, it could be the ultimate ESG investment because if you back the right company in this industry, you’re also doing fantastic things for humanity.

So, how can one capitalise on what is arguably not only the greatest investment opportunity of all time, but humanity’s magic bullet? The answers can be found at  Master Investor‘s one-day masterclass, Investing in the Age of Longevity. Part of Longevity Week, this masterclass offers a packed programme of presentations, all delivered by scientists and business leaders at the cutting edge of the field and with the aim of ensuring attendees leave the event with valuable learning points to help them build their longevity investment portfolios.

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For a second year, Longevity.Technology’s CEO and Editor-in-Chief Phil Newman is helping to head the event up. He told us: “It’s a great honour to be invited back to MC the event, and I’m particularly glad that the content this year’s event is structured along the stages of the clinical pipeline; this will help earlier and later stage investors to understand the latest trends and investment risks/rewards, as well as hearing from the raft of exciting companies that are raising capital at different stages.

“The line-up of speakers is great and I know that attendees will learn a lot from a tightly-compressed day of quick fire presentations.”

As well as Phil, company pitches and a panel discussion the line-up includes:

  • Clinical Pipeline – Aaron Weaver
  • Research & Early Discovery – Sergey Jakimov, LongeVC
  • Pre-Clinical Investing – Petr Sramek,
  • Investment – Fiona Miller, Quadrascope
  • Therapeutics – Patrick Burgermeister, Kizoo
  • Translating Longevity Science – Kristen Fortney, BioAge
  • Therapeutics & Clinical Pipeline – Stephen Helliwell, Rejuveron
  • Matter Bioworks – Chris Bradley
  • Investing – David Gill, Juvenescence
  • Investing – Dani Saurymper, Pacific Asset Management
  • Commercialisation of Non-Therapeutics – Tom Weldon, PDLH
  • Understanding and Measuring Aging Humanity – Peter Ward

Tim Corcoran, CEO of Master Investor UK told Longevity.Technology he is very much looking forward to next week’s event.

“We’ve got a superb line-up of speakers, people who UK investors simply don’t get chance to engage with very often,” he said.

“The speaker line-up includes leading longevity investment experts and some of the most cutting edge companies on the planet. We’ve been hosting this event since 2018 and every year I come away feeling hugely inspired and significantly better informed – I’ve no doubt this year will have the same result.”

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