The Sheekey Science Show – Aging Clocks

Aging clocks – how to measure biological age.

I hope you have some time on you hands as today we will talk all about aging clocks… When we think of age we typically think of our chronological age – how many years have passed since we were born.
Sheekey Science
Whilst a useful measurement to assess risk for different diseases, it now seems there are even better ways of predicting your health status.
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This can be done by inferring biological age, an age that can be derived from different biomarkers and the use of aging clocks.
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This field of aging clocks is growing rapidly and there is now evidence to support the use of many different types of aging clocks; epigenetic/DNA methylation, transcriptomic, human microbiome and proteomic to name a few.
Sheekey Science
But do they fulfil the key desirable features of aging clocks and what can we learn from them about the aging process?
Sheekey Science
Well in this video we will address these areas and also see what aging clocks are currently commercially available as well as the future challenges the field faces.

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