The Sheekey Science Show – Senotherapeutics

Senotherapeutics are therapeutics strategies that target cellular senescence.

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They can work by killing senescent cells (senolytics), inhibiting the proinflammatory secretory phenotype of senescent cells (senomorphics) or by activating our endogenous senolytic systems (immune surveillance).
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But what even are senescent cells, how do senolytics work, and what current human clinical trials provide supporting data?
Sheekey Science
In this video we will begin by discussing what senescent cells are, what causes a cell to become senescent and why targeting senescent cells may provide therapeutic potential for aging and age-related diseases.
Sheekey Science
We will then look at the three main branches of senotherapeutics, senolytics vs. senomorphics and what future work is being conducted to evaluate the safety and efficacy of these strategies.

So, in many ways you could consider this video my ultimate guide to senotherapeutics!
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Image credit: cottonbroPexels