The Sheekey Science Show – VEGF

VEGF to extend lifespan? (targeting vascular aging)

“A Man is as old as his arteries”. This famous quote from English physician Thomas Sydenham depicts how vascular health is linked with aging and cardiovascular disease.
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But it’s not just arteries in the cardiovascular system. The system also includes capillaries and a reduction in microvascular density is also seen in aging.
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VEGF is a secreted protein that can promote growth of new capillaries, a process known as angiogenesis. However, despite increases in blood VEGF during aging, microvascular density still declines.
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But what if even more VEGF is provided?

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Could this extend lifespan and target vascular aging? Well, a recent study seems to suggest it might.
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But how did they do this and are there any concerns.
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We’ll unpack all in this video.

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Image credit: cottonbroPexels