Three consumer longevity companies join Rejuve.AI crypto token program

Decentralized longevity platform announces GlycanAge, Vita Authentica, and Peptide Bioregulator will accept RJV crypto tokens as payment.

Longevity AI company Rejuve.AI has revealed that three consumer health brands – GlycanAge, Vita Authentica, and Peptide Bioregulator – are to accept its RJV crypto token as an alternative form of payment on their platforms.

Part of the SingularityNET ecosystem, Rejuve.AI combines blockchain and AI with cutting-edge research as it seeks to democratize longevity and healthy aging. The company has developed a decentralized longevity research platform for sharing medical, lifestyle, and biological data, leveraging AI to translate the data into new insights to support the extension of healthy human lifespan.

Rejuve.AI’s Longevity App allows individuals to submit personal health details from sources like surveys, lab results, and wearables, providing tailored on how to improve their longevity. Users who participate by sharing their health data through the app are rewarded with RJV tokens that can be redeemed for products and services provided by the company’s partners, including those announced today.

The adoption of RJV tokens not only offers users the opportunity to monetize their health data but also contributes to advancing the longevity sector by providing personalized data that can aid in the development of new drugs, therapies, and treatments. Another SingularityNET company, Rejuve.Bio was created to leverage the insights generated by Rejuve.AI to develop and commercialize new experimental therapies.

According to Rejuve.AI, the new partners’ decision to incorporate RJV tokens reflects their acknowledgment of the value of longevity research in benefiting humanity. GlycanAge is the developer of the world’s first commercial glycan-based biological age test, Vita Authentica is a Canadian wellness product platform, and Peptide Bioregulator is a provider of longevity supplements.

“It’s great to see more of the industry understand the important part that crypto has to play in health and longevity research over the coming years,” said Jasmine Smith, CEO of Rejuve.AI. “By partnering with such leading brands, we are able to progress towards our mission statement and deliver ground-breaking longevity research and innovation.”

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