Top 5 categories for Longevity investors

Our current survey is throwing-up some great data. Here’s a taster of what we’ve learned from Longevity investors.

We’re currently running our surveys for Longevity investors and execs from Longevity start-ups and scale-ups – it’s not too late to join in:

Longevity.Technology: We know this is a new investment category and things won’t come in neat packages at this early stage, but it’s interesting to see how investors behave when there’s so much on offer.

Our survey has had over 140 respondents so far (thanks) and when we asked investors about their investment focus we discovered that: gene therapy; age tech; senolytic drug therapy; AI; and biohacking are the top 5:

We’ll be sharing more data over the coming days – and we’re still open:
INVESTORS: this survey is for investors of every level; for those that are experienced Longevity investors right through to newbies.

C-SUITE: this survey is for founders, university spin-outs, senior members of management teams and CEOs .