Transforming Ottawa into the wellness & longevity capital of North America

The Harley Street Healthcare Group Canada is launching a state-of-the-art centre of excellence for integrated healthcare in the city of Ottawa.

The new flagship centre of Harley Street Healthcare Group (HSHG) will be located at 1785 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa, and named The Harley. It is to become one of the global centres of excellence for integrated healthcare with an embedded wellness centre focused on age management, wellbeing, mindfulness and longevity.

Longevity.Technology: The HSHG centres have an ethos of capturing the entire healthcare journey of an individual and focusing on keeping their well-being at the highest level for as long as possible by bringing together the best of modern medicine, state-of-the-art tech and effectively using all the resourcefulness of ancient healing systems that have been around for thousands of years, creating a proactive, personalised, and precise primary care ecosystem for its customers.

The centre of excellence plans to host a first-of-its-kind forward looking community diagnostic centre equipped with the latest medical imaging technology as well as proprietary testing committed to improving population’s health outcomes by diagnosing health conditions earlier, faster and more accurately. HSHG and its diagnostic partners will also work closely with the existing public healthcare systems in the province of Ontario to help reduce pressure on acute hospital sites as well helping private customers.

Also HSHG is committing to drive innovation and research in the field of medical imaging by making Ottawa its R&D hub. Harley Street Healthcare Institute will work closely with the public healthcare system and the local universities in the city to deliver the highest quality of skilling and training in the fields of wellness and longevity.

Announcing the launch of the first of its kind centre, Sanjeev Kumar, Chief Visionary officer at HSHG said: “HSHG is aiming to transform Ottawa into the wellness and longevity capital of North America.

“We firmly believe that an industrial approach to healthcare is no longer fit for purpose. The sector needs to transform from a sick care system that has a heavy cost burden on the society and the public health system to a system that is proactively engaged in keeping people healthy over the course of their lifetime. Healthy and happy people make a happier community [1].”