Turn Bio inks $300m epigenetic reprogramming deal with HanAll Biopharma

Licensing agreement focuses on development of epigenetic reprogramming treatments for age-related eye and ear conditions.

Longevity biotech Turn Biotechnologies today announced it has signed an exclusive global licensing agreement with Korean pharma giant HanAll Biopharma. The collaboration aims to develop multiple epigenetic reprogramming treatments for age-related eye and ear conditions, with the deal for the first product said to have a potential value of more than $300 million.

The agreement marks a significant expansion in the relationship between the two companies, building on HanAll’s 2022 investment in Turn Bio, which specializes in the development of treatments designed to repair tissue at a cellular level – restoring the youthful function of cells while maintaining their identity.

Currently conducting preclinical research on epigenetic reprogramming therapies targeting dermatology and immunology, Turn Bio recently reported positive feedback from a meeting with the FDA, paving the way towards clinical trials for a potential skin rejuvenation therapy. The new deal with HanAll provides an opportunity for the company to extend its focus to age-related conditions in ophthalmology and otology.

“This partnership is a milestone for Turn Bio,” said Anja Krammer, CEO of Turn Bio. “With HanAll’s support, we are accelerating the development of transformative therapies for eye and ear indications, which can benefit patients around the world. The potential impact on patients’ lives is enormous, and this is just the beginning.”

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Anja Krammer, CEO of Turn Biotechnologies

Turn Bio’s epigenetic reprogramming technology seeks to restore optimal gene expression and promote tissue regeneration by addressing aging effects in the epigenome via a specific cocktail of mRNA transcription factors. Its delivery platform is designed to precisely target specific organs, tissues, and cell types with unique formulations.

Turn Bio co-founder Vittorio Sebastiano said the power of the company’s technology is its ability to “rejuvenate cells in virtually any organ in the body.”

“This agreement enables us to accelerate our development on multiple fronts to reverse the damage caused by aging and improve the quality of life for older patients,” he said.