Unlocking longevity: A journey through Longevity Week 2023

Longevity Week 2023 serves as a vital platform for knowledge exchange, innovation and collaboration.

Advancements in geroscience and technology are beginning to redefine the boundaries of human lifespan and healthspan, and interest in this accelerating space is growing. Sharing knowledge, making connections and breaking down silos are vital to ensure not only the growth of the sector, but the ability of everyone to access the benefits.

Longevity.Technology: Amid a busy, buzzy conference season, Longevity Week stands out as a beacon of knowledge and empowerment. Taking place in the UK and online from 13 to 17 November 2023, Longevity Week is a week-long series of events and conferences dedicated to unraveling the secrets of a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life.

The Longevity Challenge: Navigating the five pillars of aging well

Kicking off the week is The Longevity Challenge, hosted by The Longevity Forum on 13 November. This rapid-fire event aims to explore the concept of the five pillars of aging well: health, opportunity, work, society and technology with the goal of enhancing our understanding of the multifaceted factors contributing to a meaningful life as we age.

The future for UK health: A paradigm shift

Also on Monday, the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) hosts The future for UK health… what could go right? This event, both in-person and virtual, discusses the challenges faced by global health systems. Professor Sir John Bell, a leading figure in genetics and immunology, provides insights into how the UK can improve life quality, address health disparities, and create a new model of prevention and holistic health.

UKRI Healthy Ageing Challenge 2023: Adding life to years

On 13 and 14 November, the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) hosts a conference focusing on the theme Adding Life to Years. The event delves into innovation in care, work, staying active and housing, addressing topics such as co-production, inequalities, impact demonstration and mental health support.

Quantum Healthy Longevity

14 November sees a private reception hosted by Collider Health, titled Quantum Healthy Longevity. This by-invitation-only event explores the innovative mission and City of Longevity Trailblazers worldwide, aiming for healthy people, planet and prosperity. An update on efforts to leverage ‘pro-innovation’ regulatory reforms to model and test new measurable healthspan interventions will also form part of proceedings.

Wellworking: How to make us all better at work

MindGym releases a whitepaper, “Wellworking: How to make us all better at work,” on 15 November. This online event discusses a revolutionary strategy to integrate wellbeing into the workplace, offering insights into psychological drivers, employee wellbeing states, remedies for burnout and addressing root causes of ill-being.

Science Summit at Oxford Oriel College: Lived environment and longevity

Also on 15 November, The Longevity Forum hosts the Science Summit at Oxford Oriel College. This exclusive, invitation-only summit brings together experts in longevity research to discuss recent findings, with this year’s theme focusing on the lived environment’s influence on health and longevity.

Epigenetic Aging Clocks with Steve Horvath

Following the Science Summit, The Longevity Forum presents its inaugural Longevity Week Lecture; a student-focused event, the lecture will be given by Dr Steve Horvath, a principal investigator at Altos Labs. Dr Horvath shares insights on epigenetic ageing clocks, offering a glimpse into the future of regenerative medicine and longevity enhancement.

Investing in the Age of Longevity

Master Investor hosts Investing in the Age of Longevity on 16 November. This online event is open to everyone and explores investments in the context of longer lifespans, focusing on sectors like biotech and companies dedicated to addressing the needs of an aging population. This masterclass offers the chance to be involved (and invested) in arguably the greatest investment opportunity of all time.

Wellness & Longevity for Women

On 16 November, Newson Health and Miss Claire Mellon & Associates host an exclusive evening event on Wellness & Longevity for Women. The event, by invitation only, delves into discussions about challenges women face today, offering strategies for optimal health.

Bridging business and gerontology for older lives

The British Society of Gerontology Special Interest Group for Ageing, Business and Society organizes an online event on 17 November. The event will explore how the business community and social gerontologists can collaborate to improve the lives of older people, a strategy of significant importance given the aging population.

Focused on a sustainable future

Closing the week on 17 November is Sustainable Longevity hosted by Ageing Research at King’s College London, the European Society for Preventive Medicine and the Longevity Science Foundation. The in-person event focuses on sustainable longevity in aging societies, emphasizing personal health data, workplace wellness and financial stability.

Longevity Week starts on Monday – find out more!