Unlocking the future of longevity: Highlights from the Longevity Investors Conference 2023

The longevity world went to Switzerland with the aim of uniting science, investment and innovation for a healthier future.

The Longevity Investors Conference 2023, held from27 to 29 September in the picturesque town of Gstaad, Switzerland, brought together a unique blend of academia, investors and innovators – a selected audience united in the pursuit of unlocking the secrets to a longer, healthier life. With around 80 investors, 30 esteemed speakers and seven innovative start-up companies participating, the conference marked a significant milestone in the quest for longevity and rejuvenation.

Speakers included David SinclairBryan JohnsonNir BarzilaiEric VerdinGreg BaileyAubrey de GreyAlex ZhavoronkovAndrew Steele, Brian KennedyAlexandra BauseEvelyne Yehudit Bischof, David Gobel, and Emil Kendziorra. Our own CEO, Phil Newman, gave a keynote on Day Two, and you can read his thoughts on Day One’s proceedings HERE.

Longevity.Technology: The Longevity Investors Conference is no ordinary gathering of minds; its primary objective is to bridge the chasm between scientific research and the world of investment, and it aims to accomplish this mission by facilitating dialogue on the latest trends, opportunities and insights within the realm of longevity and rejuvenation.

The conference spanned two full days (and an extra networking breakfast on departure day), serving as a nexus for the world’s leading authorities on longevity. Attendees included institutional and private investors, affluent individuals, family offices, and investment funds. This eclectic blend of expertise and resources provided a perfect setting for networking and collaboration.

One of the conference’s most significant features was the opportunity for attendees to explore the latest and most compelling investment opportunities in the longevity sector. As the quest for a longer, healthier life takes center stage, various avenues for investment in personal longevity, such as supplements and therapies, are being explored and refined.

Bridging gaps and making connections

The conference provided a unique platform for both seasoned and emerging investors to understand the landscape of longevity investment and engage with thought leaders in the field. Attendees could establish strategic partnerships with industry pioneers, paving the way for groundbreaking innovations in the realm of longevity.

Dr Tobias Reichmuth, Co-Founder of the Longevity Investors Conference and Founding Partner of Maximon, told Longevity.Technology that everyone benefits from these sorts of partnerships.

“While most media write about the super-rich aiming for eternal life, we could see a democratization of longevity in Gstaad: already today many interventions are available for everybody and many more will be diluted down after early investors financed scientific breakthroughs and product development.”

Networking opportunities are key at events like this; sharing knowledge, uncovering opportunities and breaking down silos all contribute to the field’s continuing acceleration, and with a selected guest list, LIC can ensure a diverse range of speakers and participants. With experts from both scientific and investment backgrounds, the conference was a melting pot of insights and perspectives.

Unlocking the future of longevity: Highlights from the Longevity Investors Conference 2023

Reichmuth explained that LIC’s selection criteria are a factor in its success.

“At LIC we have seen a steep uptake of interest: we had to reject most of applicants, however, this led to an incredible high quality of conference participants!”

Marc P Bernegger, Co-Founder of the Longevity Investors Conference and Founding Partner of Maximon, is delighted with how well this year’s conference went.

“We are proud of the group of people which came together in Gstaad last week. Our guests are supporting our mission by bringing more capital into longevity research to ultimately help all humans to have healthier and better lives.

“By bringing more serious investors together with leading longevity researchers and key opinion leaders, we are accelerating the developments in the field”

Pioneering longevity’s future

An integral part of the Longevity Investors Conference is the Startup Showcase, which provides emerging companies with an invaluable platform to present their ideas and innovations. This year’s chosen startups included Deciduous Therapeutics, MitoRx and Twinn Health, each offering exciting contributions to the longevity landscape.

The start-up showcase offers startups the opportunity to present their concepts, technologies, and products to a discerning audience. With the chance to connect with more than 100 investors, it’s a golden opportunity for these innovators to secure the resources they need to accelerate their work in the longevity field.

Dates for the diary

LIC 2024 is already at the planning stages, with last September pencilled in. Before that, The Longevity Investors Lunch, a satellite event for the World Economic Forum which is co-organised by Maximon and the Longevity Investors Conference, takes place in Davos on 16 January 2024. This invitation-only event aims to creates a platform for exclusive networking and will bring together investors interested in longevity-related research and provide latest insights into the longevity industry. Applications for this event are now open, and those interested should CLICK HERE.

Photos courtesy of Longevity Investors Conference