Up-skilling clinicians in AI-guided Longevity medicine

SquareOne physicians will get training in longevity medicine and interpreting aging clocks as Deep Longevity expands its longevity network.

Deep Longevity has announced that is to develop and provide the customised predictors of human biological age to the network of SquareOne Wellness, an addiction and wellness clinic that focuses on the recovery of opioid addiction and behavioural health.

Longevity.Technology: It seems like we are reporting on Deep Longevity’s progress weekly at the moment; it’s only three months since they exited from stealth, but they are certainly keeping busy. This partnership is another step towards democratising access to Longevity tools and is firmly-focused on improving wellness and extending the quality of healthspan. It also showcases the ability of deep aging clocks to optimise life as well as lifespan. 

Together Deep Longevity and SquareOne Wellness will deploy an extensive range of AI-powered aging clocks, with Deep Longevity providing a training programme in Longevity medicine to SquareOne Wellness clinicians.

Deep Longevity, which is a fully-owned subsidiary of public company, Regent Pacific, develops and in-licenses a portfolio of granted and pending patents on aging clocks, which it has developed using the latest AI advances.

SquareOne Wellness spearheads total wellness in the treatment of addiction. Deep Longevity and SquareOne will partner to see the impact that the utilisation of aging clocks has on patients’ continued recovery.

“We are always looking for new tools to help our patients reach their full potential in their recovery and in their overall health and life,” said Joshua Jones, Director of Patient Interactions of SquareOne Wellness. “We believe that the addition of deep aging clocks will be an added tool in long term patient success.”

SquareOne Wellness physicians will be trained in deep aging clocks and will be able to provide their customers with AgeMetric™ reports and engage in advanced research to assess the performance of aging clocks in the context of continued recovery.

“The traditional approach to preventative medicine is focused on preventing disease by diagnosing the symptoms early or reducing the risks of disease,” said Alex Zhavoronkov, Chief Longevity Officer of Deep Longevity Inc. ”

The AI-guided longevity medicine goes much further then that and is focusing on tracking the person’s rates of aging at many levels, identification of longevity bottlenecks, and utilizing the latest advances in science and technology to slow down or reverse biological and psychological aging.

We are very happy to have SquareOne join the rapidly growing network of our research and clinical partners focused on providing customers with extra years of productive and happy life.”

Image credit: Reshetnikov_art / Shutterstock.com