Urolithin A – the small molecule with big benefits

The naturally-occurring antiaging compound that improves mitochondrial and muscle function giving you faster recovery and more energy.

Urolithin A is produced by bacteria in the gut microbiome, making it a postbiotic. It is synthesised after eating certain foods that are high in ellagitannins, part of a family of bioactive polyphenols found in berries, nuts and most famously, pomegranates.

Longevity. Technology: There’s a lot to be said for healthy eating and ensuring a varied diet that benefits from as many advantageous compounds as possible. However, simply loading up your shopping cart with pomegranates won’t automatically confer the benefits of urolithin A on you; your gut needs to have the correct microbiome environment to be able to make sufficient quantities of urolithin A, and not everyone can do that.

Specifically, people who have more bacteria from the Clostridiales and Ruminococcaceae families living in their gut can produce urolithin A (these people are often termed “producers”). In fact, few as 1 in 3 people produce enough urolithin A! The only way to ensure you are getting enough urolithin A is from direct supplementation [1].

The benefits of urolithin A

Urolithin A works to boost cellular energy in the mitochondria. The powerhouse of the cell, mitochondria are microscopic organelles that convert glucose and oxygen into the cellular energy molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

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Mitochondrial function declines with age, and this decline impairs mitochondria’s ability to produce enough energy. Mitochondrial dysfunction is one of the nine ‘hallmarks of aging’ that cause cellular and molecular damage to the body that can lead to age-related illness. Known as an antagonistic hallmark, mitochondrial dysfunction can cause loss of muscle strength, which many people experience from their 40s onwards [1].

Muscle loss can lead to sarcopenia, a serious condition that affects 30% of older people and is associated with poor mobility, frailty and fall-related injuries.

In addition, research shows that urolithin A can promote mitophagy, the process by which damaged mitochondria are removed from the cell and their molecules recycled; this encourages growth and maintenance of healthy mitochondria which boosts energy levels [2].

Supplementing to boost urolithin A

While not intended to replace regular exercise or fruit intake, urolithin A supplements like Mitopure’s Timeline can be convenient and accessible way to boost mitochondrial health, muscular strength and energy.

In fact, each serving of Timeline nutrition delivers 6 times more urolithin A than a glass of pomegranate juice [3]. In addition, a study in JAMA Network Open found that the urolithin A supplement Timeline can help improve or prolong muscle activity in older adults [4].

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