Video interview with BioViva’s Liz Parrish

BioViva and Integrated Health Systems: How many patients in trials? Where are they located? What pipeline stage?

As we’ve covered in the past, BioViva’s Liz Parrish has ambitions to progress the Longevity field, and as with many early-stage companies, things move fast as financial, regulatory and market dynamics change.

Longevity.Technology: We weren’t completely clear on BioViva’s strategy so we thought a video interview would be a great way to share the insights; so from telomere testing kits for pets (as a roadmap to human therapies) through to going into clinical trials with human data:

As Liz told us earlier this year: “… if it’s agreed between the medical doctor and the patient to take an experimental therapeutic they can do that. And that should be the right anywhere in the world – everyone should have the agency and autonomy to do that. Unfortunately, they don’t.”