Video interview with Dr Isabelle Schiffer on senolytic safety

Forever Healthy Foundation issues risk-benefit analysis on dasatinib + quercetin as a senolytic.

The Forever Healthy Foundation published its latest risk-benefit analysis, which explores the combined use of cancer drug dasatinib with quercetin, a polyphenol common in plants, as a senolytic therapy.

After screening more than 3300 scientific papers and analysing more than 150 clinical and pre-clinical studies, Forever Healthy concludes that the use of DQ as a senolytic therapy should be avoided – “until there are more published results showing benefits in humans, a clearer picture of the senolytic-use specific risk profile, and a consensus on treatment protocols.”

Learn more in this exclusive video interview with Dr Isabelle Schiffer, the scientific spokesperson for Forever Healthy:

Image courtesy of the Forever Healthy Foundation