VIDEO: The Science of Ovarian Longevity

Instead of papering over the cracks of declining fertility and the effects of menopause, what else can we do to help the longevity of 50% of the world’s population?

During menopause, the loss of estrogen due to ovarian failure increases several health risks for women including cardiovascular disease, skeletal fragility and Alzheimer’s. This means that a woman may spend a large period of her life in poor health – a recent NHS study of UK data concluded women may live for 34% of their lives in poor health.

Longevity.Technology: In our webinar recording, Daragh Campbell, who heads up our Market Intelligence Unit, is joined by Dr Jennifer Garrison, a scientist at the renowned Buck Institute for Research on Aging and Dr Keshav K. Singh, an expert in crosstalk between organelles, cell metabolism, genetics, cancer genetics, human diversity and health disparities. This is great, enjoy: