VitaDAO and GlycanAge explore longevity and DeSci in Abu Dhabi event

Longevity & Crypto Day aims to merge the realms of longevity and decentralized science to revolutionize the future of healthcare.

On 12 October, Abu Dhabi will play host to a visionary event that aims to merge the realms of longevity and Decentralized Science (DeSci) with the goal of revolutionizing the future of healthcare.

The Longevity & Crypto Day, taking place in the vibrant heart of the dynamic city of Abu Dhabi, invites local and global leading experts, visionaries and enthusiasts to explore the cutting-edge developments in extending human lifespan and blockchain technologies that empower individuals in their healthcare decisions.​

This one-day event will cover the latest in longevity medicine and biotech and examine the longevity investment landscape, as well as exploring the role AI and blockchain technologies are playing in accelerating longevity research.

Longevity.Technology: The convergence of longevity, crypto and decentralized science (DeSci) represents a fascinating synergy – and one that is poised to revolutionize longevity research. Longevity research has long been hampered by funding constraints and the need for vast datasets; crypto, with its decentralized financial systems and blockchain technology, offers a novel solution by enabling secure, transparent and decentralized crowdfunding mechanisms for scientific projects. DeSci takes this a step further by decentralizing the entire scientific process, from data collection and analysis to publication and peer review.

This collaborative and open approach democratizes longevity research, allowing anyone to invest, and enables scientists worldwide to contribute, share and validate findings in real-time. Some platforms allow participants to vote for or choose which research projects receive funding, further democratizing the process. As a result, the integration of these realms accelerates the pace of longevity research by unlocking new funding streams, harnessing the power of global collective intelligence, and fostering transparency, ultimately advancing our understanding of aging and the development of life-extending interventions.

VitaDAO and GlycanAge explore longevity and DeSci in Abu Dhabi event
Organisers of the Longevity & Crypto Day, Max Unfried (L) and Nikolina Lauc (R)

Max Unfried, VitaDAO Core Contributor and PhD student in the Kennedy Lab at the National University of Singapore Centre for Healthy Longevity, told Longevity.Technology: “Longevity in the United Arab Emirates is on the rise with an environment that is friendly from a regulatory and investment perspective. Hence we felt it’s time to put a Longevity Flag into the sand of this Middle Eastern kingdom, and organize a conference on this topic.

“We teamed up with our friends at GlycanAge who have business operations in Abu Dhabi, and lined up speakers from every organization that breaths Longevity in the UAE.   Moreover we are engaging the large Crypto community in the UAE and getting them excited about the possibility of extending healthy lifespan in humans.”

Nikolina Lauc, Co-Founder and CEO of GlycanAge, told us: “Abu Dhabi and Hub71 are very supportive and engaged in building a strong biotech startup ecosystem, and putting longevity on the map. As GlycanAge is one of the first longevity companies operating in the UAE, we are excited to coorganizing this event with VitaDAO and promoting a healthy future together.”

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