Winning strategy – Tour de France riders supplement with urolithin A

Racing for longevity – from honing performance to maximising muscle recovery, the Tour de France is a strategic battle for cyclist and team.

David Bailey, PhD, is a performance consultant in World Tour cycling; he manages performance projects focused on athlete physical preparation, equipment development, sports nutrition and related performance interventions that target success at World Tour level.

Longevity.Technology: The Tour de France is not only the world’s most prestigious cycling event, but it is also the most difficult; featuring time-trial racing and racing stages, the Tour takes place both on the flat and over vast stretches of mountainous inclines and is one of the ultimate tests of athletic endurance, requiring cyclists to be at the top of their game if they are to be awarded the coveted yellow jersey or title of “King of the Mountains”.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Dr Bailey recently to find out more about his strategies for cycling success and the innovations he is hoping to showcase during the Tour.

Check out our fascinating interview with David Bailey, in which we find out more about how mitochondrial health is important for fuelling and recovery, the role that mitochondrial health plays in Dr Bailey’s Tour prep and why supplementing with urolithin A (Mitopure) could be a game changer, both for elite athletes, and those interested in improving their performance on a less competitive level.

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Dr David Bailey on…

The need for energy

Fuelling is important; cyclists expend a lot of energy – four to six hours of racing, over 5000 kilojoules on a hard day – followed by recovery, which they have to do day-in, day out. A decline in performance could well be driven by mitochondrial health, so we’re excited by the new supplement Mitopure, which we’ve been trialling. Athletes have to be responsible, but urolithin A is a natural molecule, and the Mitopure supplement is certified NSF-for-sports and is rigorously is batch-tested.

Boosting performance

Much research into urolithin A has been done on the general population – but recent research, especially with regards to aging, mean it could translate to elite athletes as well. A study on urolithin A presented at a conference on sports medicine detailed nice improvements in muscle function, as well as an improvement in VO2 max, so an improvement in endurance – the first to show beneficial effects in a healthy middle-aged population.

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Into the clinic

Aging is linked to associated decline in mitochondrial function, so naturally Mitopure can have application across populations – especially those who are older or in a more diseased state.

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Dr David Bailey is a paid consultant of Amazentis

Photograph: LANAPhotography/Shutterstock